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Shameless Audiocast 003 Mozaic

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Mozaic Esthetic

Longtime Shameless fans will know of our not-so-secret love affair with the veteran San Francisco-based producer, vocalist, and DJ Mozaic, who has rocked the decks at many of our events over the years. He is a true DJ’s DJ, with a highly eclectic ear for all manner of sexy house and techno, and a favorite of everyone in our crew. We are delighted to have him back to headline our Shameless Hijinks event at the Monkey Loft on Friday, 01/23.

In honor of this illustrious occasion, we are releasing our third Shameless Audiocast podcast, a live take of Mozaic’s sunrise closing set from Esthetic Evolution 2013. Shameless member Devin Kelly (AKA Adlib) is the co-producer of Esthetic, and Shameless was intimately involved with the festival for its duration. It was a huge honor for us to get Mozaic on the bill that year, and a privilege to revisit that set with our fans today! It was an absolutely perfect way to end the festival, and a great segue into next week’s party! Listen, share and get down.

Dave Matthews’ and Vitamin Dee’s Breakfast Club New Year’s 2015 photos!

Saturday, January 10th, 2015

Dave and Dee

As usual, our longtime friends and collaborators Dave Matthews (no relation to the other celebrity) and Vitamin Dee took some pretty shamelessly awesome pictures at this year’s Breakfast Club.

Dave’s pictures are here! Check them out on Facebook and share with other breakfast clubbers and friends!

Dee’s pictures should be up soon, and we will edit this blog post when they are!

Don’t forget to support our other upcoming parties, Shameless Hijinks at the Monkey Loft with Mozaic on 01/23, and our 12th annual My Bloody Valentine is Shameless, at Kremwerk on 01/13, featuring an extended 3-hour set by the Black Madonna!

4th Annual Breakfast Club Speed Recap by Sienna

Friday, January 9th, 2015

Hello Breakfast Clubbers! Armed only with a weird prism toy and a camera, our good friend Sienna shot a bunch of amazing video over several hours documenting this year’s (4th Annual) “The Breakfast Club” daytime party at the Monkey Loft, then sped it up A TON. She captured footage of our headliner, Worthy, along with a few stellar NW support acts and tons of breakfast clubbers getting their day rave on! Thanks to Sienna, our almost 20 performers, all the volunteers and staff -and, last but not least- OUR AMAZING SUPPORTERS, for helping us start the new year right! Enjoy the footage, and see all y’all on the dance floor soon!

FREE “Bacon Jam” remixes from Joe Bellingham and Devin Kelly

Monday, December 22nd, 2014


In true holiday spirit, Shameless Audio is giving away two previously unreleased remixes of Luke Manda’s “Bacon Jam.” Joe Bellingham’s mix features his classic sexy, deep house vibe, this time with a heavy dose of oldschool Underworld sounds. Devin Kelly (AKA Adlib)’s “Mimosa Makeover” takes the track in a more acidy, morning tech house direction. Listen to them on Soundcloud!

Both tracks are totally appropriate for our upcoming annual daytime New Year’s Day deck party, The Breakfast Club,” at Seattle’s now legendary Monkey Loft. It seems only fitting, given that the original Bacon Jam premiered at the Decibel edition of the Breakfast Club back in September, where headliner Christian Martin blew the party out of the water with his remix of the track. You can find Luke Mandala’s original and the Christian Martin remix on Beatport!

TBCNYD will be headlined by Christian’s dirtybird label-mate, Worthy, with a ton of great NW supporters and Joe, Devin and the rest of the Shameless gang opening the deck up at 5am. Come early and stay laaaaate.

Shameless Audiocast 002 Christian Martin

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Hello friends! For our second Shameless Audiocast outing, we are super stoked to be sharing Christian Martin’s headlining set from the Decibel Edition of the Breakfast Club. Christian threw down an epic, 3+ hour set of funky jams, bass house, dark psychedelic weirdness, and everything else we’ve come to love from him. The podcast is just in time for Claude Von Stroke at Q on Thursday, 12/04, and OF COURSE, for the New Year’s edition of the Breakfast Club, featuring Christian’s longtime pal, collaborator and label-mate, Worthy. Expect more podcasts from Shameless crew members and friends in the coming months!

For more information on The New Year’s Breakfast Club, click here!

Shameless… keeping it weird since 2003!

Shamelessly Bringing the Winter Heat

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Breakfast Club

It’s a veritable Winter Wonderland of shows and fun times over here at Shameless HQ, and our crew of promoters, DJs, supporters and elven friends is working hard to bring the heat to the coldest months. We have three amazing shows planned between December and February, along with our new series of Shameless Audio podcasts and prep for future releases.

Up first is The Breakfast Club, our fourth annual New Year’s Day ritual at the Monkey Loft that starts at 5am and goes all day long. TBC has become a Seattle staple over the last few years, and our special edition during Decibel Festival weekend was the biggest and best yet. We expect New Year’s Day to be even crazier, particularly with dirtybird stalwart and Anabatic label boss Worthy at the helm of two rooms of total madness. As usual, we’ll have a solid selection of the Northwest’s best and brightest performers. Come early and stay late!

Up next is Shameless Hijinks at the Monkey Loft on January 23rd. We are diving back into clubland with a series of occasional one-offs, reminiscent of our crazy parties back in the day and our four-year stint with the Shameless Social at Electric Tea Garden. Our first edition will be headlined by our old pal Mozaic from SF. He is by far one of our favorite DJs out there and crosses that gamut from deep and funky to psychedelic and left field. Shameless residents will be supporting proper.

Finally, we have the 12th annual My Bloody Valentine is Shameless on Friday, February 13th. We have hosted the party at a new space every year, and this time we are honored to be doing it at Seattle’s favorite new underground digs, Kremwerk. This is our flagship costume party and a legendary Seattle institution for good times and outright shenanigans. We will be announcing our lineup and all the other juicy details soon. Prepare to be unprepared.

We’re also cooking up all sorts of good stuff for our new record label, Shameless Audio, with a fresh new podcast featuring Christian Martin’s 3-hour headlining set from the Decibel Festival Breakfast Club. This follows up on Joe Bellingham’s premier podcast, both of which should be in heavy rotation. We’ll feature other podcasts from Shameless producers and DJs in the coming months. Also be on the lookout for new releases on Shameless audio (and release parties, of course) early next year. 2015 is gonna be a big one.

Happy holidays from everyone at Shameless HQ! Keep it weird for us!

Vitamin Dees’ and Dave Matthews’ TBCNYD pics!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Christian Martin Pic TBC

Our good friends Dave Matthews and Vitamin Dee both did an incredible job documenting the madness that was the Decibel weekend edition of the Breakfast Club. We thought a few weeks before the New Year’s Day Breakfast Club would be the perfect opportunity to share them with you. Enjoy!

Dave’s pictures are here

Dee’s pictures are here

Also, check out some great video Joe Bellingham shot of Christian Martin playing his remix of Luke Mandala’s “Bacon Jam” here

Shameless Audiocast 001 Joe Bellingham

Monday, October 13th, 2014

We’ve been super busy over here at Shameless HQ with all our releases, parties and ridiculous promotion shenanigans over the last several months. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve decided to start celebrating the artists and DJs on our expanding Shameless Audio label roster with a new semi-monthly podcast!

The inaugural edition is a live set by the prolific and ever intrepid Joe Bellingham, featuring a selection of his classic, Joe B deep and spacey cuts, loaded with solid kicks, housey grooves and trippy vocal samples. It ends with Joe’s so far unreleased remix of our last outing, Luke Mandala’s Bacon Jam.

Look out for more DJ mixes and live sets in the coming months. Thanks for listening and supporting underground Northwest music. Share the love if you like it!

Breakfast Beatport Bacon Buildup!

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Shameless deck

(click the picture to check out The Breakfast Club!)

Join Shameless at the Monkey Loft on Thursday, September 25th and Sunday, September 28th as we wrap up two crazy months of buildup towards Decibel Festival weekend, the Breakfast Club, and the Beatport release of our latest track, Luke Mandala’s “Bacon Jam” (with a remix by Dirtybird’s Christian Martin)!

For the last eight weeks, the Monkey Loft has hosted Shameless’ outrageously awesome “Deck’d Out” Thursday happy hour, which we’ve been treating as an extended test run of deck party vibes. Add in the Monkey Loft’s great Wednesday happy hour and some amazing Sunday daytime parties hosted by some of Seattle’s best promoters, and you’ve got yourself a hot summer affair to remember!

For Shameless, all of the hard work and fun peaks next week with the Decibel edition of Deck’d Out on Thursday, the Breakfast Club on Sunday, and the Beatport release on Monday! Join us in welcoming Tara Brooks for Deck’d Out and Christian Martin, Pezzner, Luke Mandala, Codebase and a whole host of the Northwest’s best DJs for The Breakfast Club, our day rave tradition! Help us celebrate our biggest week in a long time and our biggest Shameless Audio release to date.

As always, Deck’d Out is totally free! Presale tickets to the Breakfast Club are likely to be sold out by the time you read this, but we will have tickets available at the door. We also have all sorts of Shameless swag and some great musical and non-musical surprises in store. Come early and often! And thanks for supporting Shameless, the Monkey Loft, Decibel and all of the great Seattle crews holding it down all summer long. We all love you!

To check out Deck’d Out (featuring Tara Brooks, Sappho and Moist Towelette) please click here!

To check out the Breakfast Club (featuring Christian Martin, Pezzner, Luke Mandala, Codebase and many more), please click here!

To show your support for the Bacon Jam Beatport release, please click here! (more…)

Support Shameless at Hempfest and win free tickets to the Breakfast Club!

Monday, August 11th, 2014

(click the picture to check out the event!)

Shameless members Joe Bellingham, Adlib and Gato Negro are joining some of Seattle’s best and brightest DJs at the Starborne stage of this year’s Hempfest, running August 15th-17th, 2014. Hempfest is the “world’s largest cannabis law reform event.” This year should be an affair to remember, given the huge reforms that have taken place in Washington since 2012.

We invite all of you to join in celebrating with us at this year’s “protestival,” and want to use it as an opportunity to thank our most committed supporters. We will be playing from 2pm-5pm on Saturday, August 16th. The first five people to take pictures of themselves with Joe Bellingham, Adlib or Gato Negro at the Starborne stage during our showcase and post it to our Facebook group will win free admission to the Breakfast Club, our insanely awesome annual daytime party, this time smack dab in the middle of Decibel Festival weekend!* The very first person will get some free Shameless swag, too (that’s promotional material, not the other stuff). Links for the Breakfast Club and our Facebook group are below.

Hempfest is world’s largest cannabis law reform event. Our good friends at Starborne Shows have taken over the mantle from Dancesafe in running one of the event’s TWO electronic music areas (the other hosted by Bassdrop). Starborne will also be hosting showcases by our friends with innerflight, High and Tight, Deep N Bass, Uniting Souls, Flammable and Decibel. In other words, some of Seatlte’s finest purveyors of dance music shenanigans. It should be all sorts of fun!

To join the Shameless Productions Facebook group, please click here!.

To check out the Breakfast Club (featuring Christian Martin, Luke Mandala, Codebase and many more), please click here!.

*We will only give out a total of five tickets and they will be first tag, first serve. This includes people in group shots.