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Open Air Season 2017

Monday, June 26th, 2017

deck'd out_poster_all

Since open air events take place outdoors, we don’t have a large window here in Seattle for sunny outdoor parties. So when summer arrives we tend to jump on every chance we can get to dance outside. Thankfully the Monkey Loft is able to provide a beautiful rooftop for us all to play on. Starting July 6th, we’ll be on the roof every Thursday from 7p-11p up until our closing party September 7th. This summer we’re joined about some of our favorite local crews, DJs along with a stack of international talent. Plus Yo Yo Yoga is back beforehand starting at 5:30p. Individual and season pass advance tickets are available now. Open air, see you there!

Memorial Day Hijinks – Desert Hearts Showcase – May 29th

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Memorial Day Hijinks Facebook Event PageHijinks_DH_SYMSUMMER_POSTER_JPG

14 Years Later

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 years since Shameless began it’s little Saturday night dance party downstairs at the Alibi Room. Since then the city has changed faster than sub genres of electronic dance music. We originally started out in 2003 to fill a niche of music that wasn’t being represented at the time. Almost a decade and a half later, as the city overflows with creative talent, we continue to hold the torch high in an attempt to light the way. We still have so much to learn, but one thing is for certain, we do this for the art, for the community and yes, as cliche as it may sound, for the love. In other words, for the beautiful creative mutants that don’t always have a place to call home. In our fragmented society, regardless of the styles of music being represented, we believe it’s a niche that still desparately needs to be filled.

Thank you Seattle! You’ve been so kind to us. We look forward to celebrating 14 years of LOVE on February 10th with our dear friends from Berlin. This will be a smaller, private, invite only event. Please reach out to your Shameless family for more information on how to RSVP. <3

Deck’d Out Sunset Hijinks

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

monkey loft deck2

It’s Seattle so we MUST embrace summer while we have it!!

Join Shameless and friends every Thursday evening for sunset hijinks on the beautiful Monkey Loft deck overlooking the city’s skyline as the day meets the night. We’ll bring the bass bins/speakers out for proper sound and your favorite staff will be on hand to serve up your early evening cocktails. Plus more! You’ll just have to come out and see for yourself!

Kick off party!

City Soul – KBCS 91.3FM

Shameless Productions

Monkey Loft Deck
2915 1st ave s
No Cover

The Stranger Suggests “Bullshit-Free Techno & House”

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014


We’re of course honored to have our little record release party featured in The Stranger’s coveted “Suggests” section. Many thanks for the local publication for the love. Hope to see you out this Friday June 27th!

Read on or click here to check it out…

What: House music that really means it and nothing else
Where: Kremwerk
Who suggests it: Emily Nokes
Why: Since our resident electronic-music expert Dave Segal is on vacation, I thought I would step into his vegan running shoes for the week and get my zeros and ones on. I remember he once described Deepchild as “bullshit-free techno and house,” and though my ears are not expert in this genre, the glowing warm space sounds oozing through a shimmering matrix of rhythm do, indeed, seem free of bullshit. Tonight celebrates the release of Seattle producer Codebase’s Down for the Count (on local label Shameless Audio), on which Deepchild, Distal, Aur0ra, and Adlib are featured. Plus, doesn’t Kremwerk seem neat? (Kremwerk, 1809 Minor Ave,, 9 pm, 21+)

Shameless Social – ETG Love!

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Shameless is proud to present another awesome edition of the Social! This month, we are celebrating the four years of love we’ve had with the Electric Tea Garden (and Oseao before it) by booking some of the folks behind the other fantastic monthlies hosted there. As you all know, our connections to ETG and the crews throwing events there are deep. We were one of the first serious monthlies there when it was still Oseao, and one of the only ones to keep going after it officially became ETG. We have collaborated with the folks from Uniting Souls, Sweatbox, Innerflight and Proper on numerous occasions, and we love the stuffing out of everyone in ETG’s fun, competent and dedicated staff. We want to return the love they’ve all given us by hosting a special edition of the Social honoring all of them. We hope you come out and support!


Derrick Deepvibez (uniting souls/mindshift)
Ctrl_Alt_Dlt (Sweatbox, SpaceRock, From 0-1)
Xan & Karl (De La Crème / Flammable / Proper)
Manos (Innerflight Music)
Sho’Nuff (Electric Tea Garden)
Gato Negro (Shameless)

Derrick Deepvibes (uniting souls/mindshift)

Ctrl_Alt_Dlt (Sweatbox, SpaceRock, From 0-1)

Ctrl_Alt_Dlt is a Seattle based DJ originally from suburban Detroit. He went to his first rave party in ’99 and was strongly influenced by the sounds coming out of the city. He started DJing in 2001 and naturally gravitated towards the Midwest’s dark, stark style of techno. Today, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt rides the fine line between techno and house, playing sets consisting of cerebral, psychedelic tracks that wring maximal power from minimal elements. In addition to a long standing residency at Seattle’s Electric Tea Garden, he’s also a founding member of Sweatbox, a strictly techno-based productions crew who’ve spearheaded numerous weekly, monthly, and one-off parties over the last 5 years, bringing the likes of Mark Henning, Derek Plaslaiko, Mikael Stavöstrand, Camea, and Dan Bell, to name but a small fraction. His production game is still in it’s infancy but he’s got early releases out on From 0-1, Peloton Muisque, Innerflight, and Mindshift Records, with more action on the horizon. He is also a contributing writer for Plasmodium and The Stranger.

Xan Lucero (De La Crème / Flammable / Proper)

Almost 20 years in the dj booth doesn’t lie, and neither does the dance floor … which is where Xan Lucero has spent the last 2 decades playing House and Techno Music. He has spent the better part of the last 15 years travelling America exploring its dj booths and dance floors playing a global brand of Underground Dance Music ; both on solo adventures as well as with his partner, Atom Bryce as The Control Freeks . Together with Atom and on his own , he has held residencies all around America , made parties, had raves, run record stores, started disco’s, helped with various record labels and has generally lived his life playing music for people that want to hear it .

Xan has recently relocated back to Seattle and is enjoying a packed schedule of holding down resident duties for legendary West Coast House Music institution Flammable ,and has been picked up by the NW staple brand , De La Creme , as well as hosting his own monthly and weekly parties , and continues to guest and tour around America.

Karl Kamakahi ( (De La Crème / Proper)

Manos (Innerflight Music)

An integral part of the Innerflight record label and music collective, dj Manos exemplifies a fresh and funky groove that pulses with prismatic energy to stimulate the mind, open the heart, and move the body. Known for dosing Seattle dance floors with everything from acid-laden techno and house to reverie-inducing experimental and starryeyed electronica, his musical adventures traverse divergent sonic terrains but nearly always venture into psychedelic territory. At once sensuous and sentient, bizarre and macabre, his motley assortment of muses include the mid 90s Minneapolis rave scene, industrial, punk, and hip-hop albums of the late 80s/early 90s, classical music, and The Beatles. Presently, this penchant for dissent and the transgressive has aligned with his bohemian spirit, awakening an enigmatic yet unmistakable artistic sensibility that resonates on multiple levels with dancers and heads alike. Whether rocking an all-night underground party at the break of dawn or sharing the bill with such diverse megawatt talents as: The Flashbulb, Juan Atkins, Pezzner, Proem, dj Three, Noah Pred, Phil Western, Freaky Chakra, or Luke Solomon, Manos consistently funks up the dance floor, shaking the booties and expanding the minds of the vibrant Northwest underground of which he is a passionate and deeply rooted element.

Sho Nuff (Electric Tea Garden)

Gato Negro (Shameless)

Gato Negro is really, really awesome. No, like, for real. Don’t miss him!


Doors open at 10pm / 21+ / Party goes late!

Electric Tea Garden
1402 E Pike St


Shameless – Keeping it weird since 2003.


Friday, April 12th, 2013

April 12th, FLASH is proud to present…

Hotflush, Berlin/NYC

with special guest
Care Package / Stop Biting


$10 advance tickets are available at:

Doors at 9pm / 21+
@ Q Nighclub : 1426 Broadway, Seattle

Sepalcure’s combination of love for bass and 90s house acapellas is the culmination of a cathartic two week collaboration between Machinedrum and Praveen. Their mix of tribal dub, house and two step beats works equally well for both late nights in the club and rainy, introspective nights at home. Detroit techno chords cut through wooden beats, neon synths and dubbed out atmospherics.

Gunnar Lockwood Talks Sandwiches

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Sandwiches are delicious. I love any and all sandwiches. Except when they are disgusting. Watch Gunnar Lockwood indulge in disgusting sandwiches in this video.

Please consume sandwiches responsibly.

Also, please listen to the audio in this video with bass-capable equipment. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of scraping sounds.

Thank you.

I recently sat down with Gunnar thru the internet and talked more about his music.
> How’s life in Bangkok? What’s the music scene like out there? Any cool clubs worth mentioning?
Life in Bangkok is hot, dirty, noisy, and wonderful. I love being in a big city, even though there are times when it’s not so pleasant. It’s too hot to do things very quickly, so I guess it doesn’t have the “New York Minute” feel, but it does have it’s own manic aspects, like motorcycles that drive on crowded sidewalks, trains stuffed with people, and occasional large political protests funded by an exiled multi-millionaire. Those things are kind of annoying in the moment, but looking back on them is always either entertaining or an interesting source of perspective. If I can get fresh coconut juice, watermelon, mangosteen, and tiny bananas, I’m pretty happy. Also, my best and closest friend, Mix Architekt lives there, so it’s like I live near my brother.

I don’t consider myself an authority on Thai music or the Thai music scene, but I do have my own limited perspective.

Thailand is a major tourist destination, so there’s an unfortunate emphasis on commercial electro house for drunk international tourists with no taste. In my neighborhood, nearly every Friday and Saturday there’s a very loud live band that plays psychedelic freakout music with tons of solos and no riffs. It’s kind of good, but I don’t really know who else it appeals to.

> What’s your favorite sandwich? Do you like them cold or hot?

My favorite sandwich is probably the 2nd Place Medal Sandwich. It’s about eating your failures and making peace with them. Also, it has wheels and Sriracha sauce to cheer you up.
Or did you mean sandwiches for actual ingestion? If so, my favorite sandwich comes from a restaurant called Native Foods. It’s called a “Chicken Run Ranch Burger” and its temperature is on the warm side. Hillside Quickie has some serious contenders too.

> Talk to me about this music video you made for the track “Abrader” on KRecordings. It was very well made. Do you have any experience acting in or making short films?

Thank you. The concept just arrived while I was waking up and in a state of semi-consciousness. I wake up from a lot of my dreams laughing.

I don’t have experience as an actor, but I have studied film making a bit and I’m a graphic designer by trade. My girlfriend and I shot the video in our Bangkok apartment using her camera. I bought nearly all the sandwich ingredients and other props from Daiso.

> What’s your fascination with disgusting sandwiches? Are you trying to ruin sandwiches for everyone?

When you ask me to make a video, this is pretty much what’s going to happen. I want people to enjoy their lives, so I’d never try to ruin something as important as sandwiches. In a way, the idea worked because I didn’t know what the video should be. What visuals belong with this sound? Nothing really, so let’s try to show people something they’ve never seen before.

> What other activities are you into besides music? I seem to remember you took photographs?

Bass quilting in my treble hammock.
Feral cat seduction.

> Tell the names of definitive artists that made you want to start producing music?

I’d rather not name names because I’d feel terrible if those people Googled themselves and found this interview, heard my music, hated it, and then cursed me silently under their breaths for associating myself with them. If you ask me privately, I’ll tell you.

So I’ll just say punk, especially from DC and San Diego, noise, especially from Japan, metal from the US, (French) Canada and Japan, electronic music from England, and techno and house from The US, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain.

A record label from San Diego called Vinyl Communications had a big influence on me. The music and people were always inspiring and stimulating, and I got to use a studio for the first time thanks to Bob. He also let me join his band as their live bass player when I was 16. Tit Wrench was one of my favorite bands, and the members all happened to be brilliant and kind people who indirectly forced me to keep up with them.

> How did you have access to these people’s music? What turned you on to them?

I learned about most of them through friends. We also had some great record shops in San Diego called Lou’s Records, Off the Record, and Elevator, where a guy named Mark curated and fed us incredible techno. The Ché Café in San Diego was also really important for me and for a lot of other people there. It was and probably still is the best place for underage shows.

Somewhat stupidly, I discovered a good percentage of my favorite music by just buying it based on cool cover art. There does often seem to be a connection. Or conversely, the appeal of white labels sometimes overtook me and then rewarded me handsomely.

> You grew up in San Diego? Did you spend a lot of time there? What city provided you the most musically?

I spent about 24 years there, so quantitatively and qualitatively San Diego has to come in first place. But I did go to LA (and north of LA) for a lot for raves and such, so that was important too. KR, Shameless, Pleasure Boat / Bonkers, and Decibel Festival have all given me buckets of wonderful music events, so Seattle has a huge place in my heart. The first event I played in Seattle was a “Show and Tell” put on by DJ Verse at The Living Room. Seattle has a reputation for being inhabited by cold people but if you’re into techno, the stereotype is revealed to be bullshit.

> What kinda gear are you working with in the studio these days? Excited about the new Ableton?

5U modular analog synth, analog mixer with built-in A to D, some hybrid analog/digital synths, monitors, and computer. Yeah, I think Live 9 will be good but I’ll probably find things to complain about. It helps to remember that the first sampler I used was an Ensoniq EPS 16+ that I borrowed from a monk.

> Tell me about your live setup for the Shameless party?
Laptop, two Novation Launchpads, and an Allen & Heath Xone DB4 mixer.

I’m playing “live” and DJ’ing at the same time.

I basically have two “decks” in Ableton.
Each deck is up to 8 channels of clips.
Each set of clips in a deck are controlled by a Launchpad.
Each deck sub-mix is fed to a channel on the DB4.
Within Ableton I’m playing “live” using song parts (drums, synths, noises, etc.), and on the DJ mixer, I’m mixing whole songs into each other, kind of like a DJ — mixing mixes.
Sometimes I’m using all 8 (Ableton) channels for a song and other times it’s just one. The DB4 gives me access to really good effects, plus I use it as a MIDI controller for effects that are sitting in Ableton. I also have low pass and high pass filters plus a looper on each DB4 channel, so filtering and phrasing can be done on each song, which helps to mix things together that might not otherwise make sense. That’s important when you’re only mixing your own music and your own music is kind of all over the place. There are tons of possibilities.

> Talk to me about the future. What projects are you working on? What’s on the horizon?

The future for me looks like it’s in Japan starting next year.

I’m also working on an EP. It’s got a little under-the-radar attention right now, so I’m encouraged and really grateful for that. I have tons of unfinished tracks, so I’m always trying to wrap them up. It’s difficult because I usually don’t have time to finish them in a day or two. It’s more like months and even years, mostly due to my job. When I come back to the tracks, I instantly have more ideas and spinoffs, so it’s very difficult to say “okay, this is final”. That’s good for live sets though, because I have tons of stems to play around with.

I want to play out more and release more music. I want to see people happy and freaking out, sweaty, sexually excited, and maybe a little confused.

Thanks for the interview Joe, and thanks for being a big part of what makes Seattle techno a reality.

You can catch Gunnar Lockwood Saturday December 22nd at the Electric Tea Garden for the monthly party “The Social.” Also Joel Pryde will be preforming along with your favorite Shameless residents.

New Years Day Club

Thursday, December 20th, 2012


Want to keep the party going past afterhours? Or maybe get a good night sleep and then start your year off right with your favorite DJs? Join Shameless as we bring the community together on New Years Day 2013 for a very special event with two stages! Festivities begin at 6am following NYE with the Innerflight family and then go until 4pm. Plus! There will be a couple of special performances by Gaydolf & The Golden Showers throughout the afternoon on the second stage.

Full bar opens at 6am. We will have all types of your favorite breakfast drinks. We will also be serving breakfast at 8am. There will be tons of bacon so bring your chompers along with your dancing shoes!

Cyanwave vs Sone (From 0-1)
Nordic Soul (Decibel)
Eva (Mastermind)
Wesley Holmes (Flammable)
Deepvibez vs Jeromy Nail (Uniting Souls)
J-SUN (Innerflight Music)
Sh6rl6s6 (KEXP, No Sleep)
DJ D’Nelski (Hush Hush)
Erin O’Connor vs Riff Raff (Soft Wall, Bottom Forty)
Recess (Shameless, Q)
Joe Bellingham (Shameless)
Withrock (Shameless)

The 2nd Annual
Breakfast Club
6am-4pm, 21+
Electric Tea Garden

immediately proceeding: Innerflight Toasted NYE

Residents Night @ The Social June 25th

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011


***** The Social ♥ *****

Please join us on Saturday, June 25th for another episode of The Social! This month, we Shameless are gonna be tearing down the disco ball & thrashing the dance floor for all you sexy people! June brings an all Resident night! Where your favorite Shameless DJs Recess, Levi Clark & Adlib come together and promise to deliver you a fun filled evening of dancing music love good vibes & fresh live music from Joe Bellingham! The night will open with our good friend DJ Luying aka Moist Towelette and will be hosted all night long by MC Anton Bomb! The Shameless ethos encourages people to shake their shame off and get their game on! Don’t be ashamed, let go and be shameless! Hope to see you all there!

Recess [Shameless]

Levi Clark [Shameless]

Adlib [Shameless, P.O.E.]

Joe Bellingham (LIVE SET) [Shameless]

Luying [Anti-Gravity Music]

MC Anton Bomb [Shameless, YES]

Electric Tea Garden
1402 E Pike Street
Seattle, WA

Saturday, June 25th at 10:00pm – June 26th at 4:00am

Reduced Cover Before Midnight!