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Memorial Day Hijinks – Desert Hearts Showcase – May 29th

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Memorial Day Hijinks Facebook Event PageHijinks_DH_SYMSUMMER_POSTER_JPG

14 Years Later

Saturday, January 14th, 2017

It’s hard to believe it’s been 14 years since Shameless began it’s little Saturday night dance party downstairs at the Alibi Room. Since then the city has changed faster than sub genres of electronic dance music. We originally started out in 2003 to fill a niche of music that wasn’t being represented at the time. Almost a decade and a half later, as the city overflows with creative talent, we continue to hold the torch high in an attempt to light the way. We still have so much to learn, but one thing is for certain, we do this for the art, for the community and yes, as cliche as it may sound, for the love. In other words, for the beautiful creative mutants that don’t always have a place to call home. In our fragmented society, regardless of the styles of music being represented, we believe it’s a niche that still desparately needs to be filled.

Thank you Seattle! You’ve been so kind to us. We look forward to celebrating 14 years of LOVE on February 10th with our dear friends from Berlin. This will be a smaller, private, invite only event. Please reach out to your Shameless family for more information on how to RSVP. <3

Deck’d Out Sunset Hijinks

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

monkey loft deck2

It’s Seattle so we MUST embrace summer while we have it!!

Join Shameless and friends every Thursday evening for sunset hijinks on the beautiful Monkey Loft deck overlooking the city’s skyline as the day meets the night. We’ll bring the bass bins/speakers out for proper sound and your favorite staff will be on hand to serve up your early evening cocktails. Plus more! You’ll just have to come out and see for yourself!

Kick off party!

City Soul – KBCS 91.3FM

Shameless Productions

Monkey Loft Deck
2915 1st ave s
No Cover

The Stranger Suggests “Bullshit-Free Techno & House”

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014


We’re of course honored to have our little record release party featured in The Stranger’s coveted “Suggests” section. Many thanks for the local publication for the love. Hope to see you out this Friday June 27th!

Read on or click here to check it out…

What: House music that really means it and nothing else
Where: Kremwerk
Who suggests it: Emily Nokes
Why: Since our resident electronic-music expert Dave Segal is on vacation, I thought I would step into his vegan running shoes for the week and get my zeros and ones on. I remember he once described Deepchild as “bullshit-free techno and house,” and though my ears are not expert in this genre, the glowing warm space sounds oozing through a shimmering matrix of rhythm do, indeed, seem free of bullshit. Tonight celebrates the release of Seattle producer Codebase’s Down for the Count (on local label Shameless Audio), on which Deepchild, Distal, Aur0ra, and Adlib are featured. Plus, doesn’t Kremwerk seem neat? (Kremwerk, 1809 Minor Ave,, 9 pm, 21+)

Further Records Founder Chloe Harris Rocks The Social

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

This Saturday Shameless is proud to present Further Records founder Chloe Harris. Further Records has got the right idea. They dedicate themselves to releasing all formats CDs, MP3s, LPs & Cassettes. The Cassette series got them some major attention from Resident Advisor last summer. All of  their releases are pretty much hand crafted. They make all there own album covers. Mark Cul from Further Records, records all the cassette tapes himself. Chloe sometimes even hand paints the LP covers. All of there releases can be purchased  from their online shop of their website. Also their Bandcamp page is a great place to chill out and hear some great music. Check out Chloe’s latest release from her Bandcamp entitled ‘Books’ under the moniker Raica here. Super chill Ambient Idm style with a little touch of dub.

Saturday, September 24th


Chloe Harris – Further Records

Jen Woolfe (SF) – Shameless

Albert – Condiment

Adlib – Shameless

Joe Bellingham – Shameless


Electric Tea Garden
1402 E Pike Street
Seattle, WA

10:00pm – Late!

Free Before 11!

Planes, trains, automobiles…and techno hippies.

Saturday, June 25th, 2011
Wonderful week with our friend Rick Bull aka Deepchild. Started off with a debut performance in Portland and then we took off for beautiful Twin Springs in Idaho for Esthetic Evolution.

Also, don’t forget tonight’s throwdown (The Social) at ETG is free before 11pm. Come get your PRIDE on!

Residents Night @ The Social June 25th

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011


***** The Social ♥ *****

Please join us on Saturday, June 25th for another episode of The Social! This month, we Shameless are gonna be tearing down the disco ball & thrashing the dance floor for all you sexy people! June brings an all Resident night! Where your favorite Shameless DJs Recess, Levi Clark & Adlib come together and promise to deliver you a fun filled evening of dancing music love good vibes & fresh live music from Joe Bellingham! The night will open with our good friend DJ Luying aka Moist Towelette and will be hosted all night long by MC Anton Bomb! The Shameless ethos encourages people to shake their shame off and get their game on! Don’t be ashamed, let go and be shameless! Hope to see you all there!

Recess [Shameless]

Levi Clark [Shameless]

Adlib [Shameless, P.O.E.]

Joe Bellingham (LIVE SET) [Shameless]

Luying [Anti-Gravity Music]

MC Anton Bomb [Shameless, YES]

Electric Tea Garden
1402 E Pike Street
Seattle, WA

Saturday, June 25th at 10:00pm – June 26th at 4:00am

Reduced Cover Before Midnight!

Video from My Bloody Valentine is Shameless #8

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Thanks again to everyone who came out and made the night a hit! Here’s the video to prove it.

The Next Shameless Social (Portland vs Seattle)

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

You gotta get outta there!

Shameless/Innerflight Throwdown!

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Please join us on Saturday, March 26th for ROUND 2 of the recently revitalized Shameless Social! This month, we’re incredibly excited to be hosting our good friends from the ever-talented Innerflight crew in a tag-team DJ session of epic proportions. Each Shameless resident will be going head-to-head with an Innerflight resident of YOUR CHOICE! That’s right, you get to vote on the pairing!Our crews have been good friends for years, and most of us have played together at a variety of shows. But we’ve only gone head-to-head one other time, at Balls Out, an old Shameless monthly at the ReBar. Balls were out! Beats were dropped! Words were exchanged! Costumes were worn! Star-spangled banners were played! It was an outright deluge of dance music insanity. In the very end, there were no clear winners… except the dancers still standing when the lights were turned on. This time may prove to be even crazier…

J-Sun (AKA Frequent Flyer)
Kadeejah Streets (AKA the Wolfman’s Brotha)
Manos (AKA the hands of fun)
Rhines (AKA High hitpoint Harry)

Recess (AKA Our Fearless Founder)
Levi Clark (AKA Baby Daddy)
Joe Bellingham (AKA the Mad Baker)
Adlib (AKA Dr. D-vo!)

How will it turn out this time? Who will win? Shameless? Innerflight? one of the dynamic duos? The ETG barstaff? Your hangover? You? The answer is that nobody knows! And the only way you’re gonna find out is through voting (below), attending the show and getting down with your bad selves.


We will announce the results of the survey a few days prior to the event, then draw straws for time slots. Come early and stay late, because we assure you some awesome and unexpected shenanigans are gonna go down all night long.