Ten Years in the Making

February 25th, 2013 by recess




MBVWeb Check out the whole collection of photos from the evening here:
Photos of the Main Event!

Photos of the After Party 

Beats, Booze, Bacon and The Breakfast Club!

December 27th, 2012 by devinkelly


This is Shameless HQ writing to remind all you Seattle freaks of where you should be spending your New Year’s Day. Whether you rest all of New Year’s Eve, get way too wasted before midnight and pass out in a gutter, party with Innerflight ’til the breaka-breaka dawn or are STILL UP from last weekend’s Shameless “Social” monthly, you would do yourself a favor by stumbling on over to the Electric Tea Garden, getting yourself an ice cold beverage, writing/speaking run-on sentences, and listening to some hot as hell dance music at about 6am until the wee hours of the afternoon on New Year’s Day. That’s right, we’re presenting another edition of our now infamous Breakfast Club party, featuring food, booze and two areas of music insanity from 6am-4pm.

For those of you were there last year, this should be a no-brainer. For those of you who weren’t, you’ll just have to come see if all the rumors are true. Will there be more phenomenal sets by some of Seattle’s favorite dance music legends? Definitely! Will there be incredibly awesome performance art? You betcha!… although this time it will be by Gaydolf and the Golden Showers, as Tons of F***ing Sequins are now signed to a major label and way out of our league… Will a man strangely resembling Zach Galifinakis blow us all away with his unique and only slightly creepy brand of awesomeness? Hopefully! Will Principal Vernon show up? Probably not. Will there be a metric shit-ton of bacon? Probably yes. Will there be at least some bacon? MOST DEFINITELY! Will there be booze-a-plenty? YES! It will be flowing like Manna from heaven (or, at least, from ETG’s exceptionally competent and tolerant bar staff)!!! Will Adlib be playing another exceptionally rad closing set? No… alas, he can’t make it, as he will be on a plane to Hawaii… but that means you guys all just have to get twice as stupid for him!

We guess at some point we should stop writing and share the details. Well, for those of you still around, here they are!

The Breakfast Club – New Year’s Day Party!

Cyanwave vs Sone (From 0-1)
Nordic Soul (Decibel)
Eva (Mastermind)
Wesley Holmes (Flammable)
Deepvibez vs Jeromy Nail (Uniting Souls)
J-SUN (Innerflight Music)
Sh6rl6s6 (KEXP, No Sleep)
DJ D’Nelski (Hush Hush)
Erin O’Connor vs Riff Raff (Soft Wall, Bottom Forty)
Recess (Shameless, Q)
Joe Bellingham (Shameless)
Withrock (Shameless)

6am-4pm, 21+
Electric Tea Garden
Seatlle, Washingsocks!
immediately proceeding: Innerflight Toasted NYE (GO TO THIS PARTY, TOO!!!)

Gunnar Lockwood Talks Sandwiches

December 21st, 2012 by joebellingham

Sandwiches are delicious. I love any and all sandwiches. Except when they are disgusting. Watch Gunnar Lockwood indulge in disgusting sandwiches in this video.

Please consume sandwiches responsibly.

Also, please listen to the audio in this video with bass-capable equipment. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of scraping sounds.

Thank you.


I recently sat down with Gunnar thru the internet and talked more about his music.
> How’s life in Bangkok? What’s the music scene like out there? Any cool clubs worth mentioning?
Life in Bangkok is hot, dirty, noisy, and wonderful. I love being in a big city, even though there are times when it’s not so pleasant. It’s too hot to do things very quickly, so I guess it doesn’t have the “New York Minute” feel, but it does have it’s own manic aspects, like motorcycles that drive on crowded sidewalks, trains stuffed with people, and occasional large political protests funded by an exiled multi-millionaire. Those things are kind of annoying in the moment, but looking back on them is always either entertaining or an interesting source of perspective. If I can get fresh coconut juice, watermelon, mangosteen, and tiny bananas, I’m pretty happy. Also, my best and closest friend, Mix Architekt lives there, so it’s like I live near my brother.

I don’t consider myself an authority on Thai music or the Thai music scene, but I do have my own limited perspective.

Thailand is a major tourist destination, so there’s an unfortunate emphasis on commercial electro house for drunk international tourists with no taste. In my neighborhood, nearly every Friday and Saturday there’s a very loud live band that plays psychedelic freakout music with tons of solos and no riffs. It’s kind of good, but I don’t really know who else it appeals to.

> What’s your favorite sandwich? Do you like them cold or hot?

My favorite sandwich is probably the 2nd Place Medal Sandwich. It’s about eating your failures and making peace with them. Also, it has wheels and Sriracha sauce to cheer you up.
Or did you mean sandwiches for actual ingestion? If so, my favorite sandwich comes from a restaurant called Native Foods. It’s called a “Chicken Run Ranch Burger” and its temperature is on the warm side. Hillside Quickie has some serious contenders too.

> Talk to me about this music video you made for the track “Abrader” on KRecordings. It was very well made. Do you have any experience acting in or making short films?

Thank you. The concept just arrived while I was waking up and in a state of semi-consciousness. I wake up from a lot of my dreams laughing.

I don’t have experience as an actor, but I have studied film making a bit and I’m a graphic designer by trade. My girlfriend and I shot the video in our Bangkok apartment using her camera. I bought nearly all the sandwich ingredients and other props from Daiso.

> What’s your fascination with disgusting sandwiches? Are you trying to ruin sandwiches for everyone?

When you ask me to make a video, this is pretty much what’s going to happen. I want people to enjoy their lives, so I’d never try to ruin something as important as sandwiches. In a way, the idea worked because I didn’t know what the video should be. What visuals belong with this sound? Nothing really, so let’s try to show people something they’ve never seen before.

> What other activities are you into besides music? I seem to remember you took photographs?

Bass quilting in my treble hammock.
Feral cat seduction.

> Tell the names of definitive artists that made you want to start producing music?

I’d rather not name names because I’d feel terrible if those people Googled themselves and found this interview, heard my music, hated it, and then cursed me silently under their breaths for associating myself with them. If you ask me privately, I’ll tell you.

So I’ll just say punk, especially from DC and San Diego, noise, especially from Japan, metal from the US, (French) Canada and Japan, electronic music from England, and techno and house from The US, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain.

A record label from San Diego called Vinyl Communications had a big influence on me. The music and people were always inspiring and stimulating, and I got to use a studio for the first time thanks to Bob. He also let me join his band as their live bass player when I was 16. Tit Wrench was one of my favorite bands, and the members all happened to be brilliant and kind people who indirectly forced me to keep up with them.

> How did you have access to these people’s music? What turned you on to them?

I learned about most of them through friends. We also had some great record shops in San Diego called Lou’s Records, Off the Record, and Elevator, where a guy named Mark curated and fed us incredible techno. The Ché Café in San Diego was also really important for me and for a lot of other people there. It was and probably still is the best place for underage shows.

Somewhat stupidly, I discovered a good percentage of my favorite music by just buying it based on cool cover art. There does often seem to be a connection. Or conversely, the appeal of white labels sometimes overtook me and then rewarded me handsomely.

> You grew up in San Diego? Did you spend a lot of time there? What city provided you the most musically?

I spent about 24 years there, so quantitatively and qualitatively San Diego has to come in first place. But I did go to LA (and north of LA) for a lot for raves and such, so that was important too. KR, Shameless, Pleasure Boat / Bonkers, and Decibel Festival have all given me buckets of wonderful music events, so Seattle has a huge place in my heart. The first event I played in Seattle was a “Show and Tell” put on by DJ Verse at The Living Room. Seattle has a reputation for being inhabited by cold people but if you’re into techno, the stereotype is revealed to be bullshit.

> What kinda gear are you working with in the studio these days? Excited about the new Ableton?

5U modular analog synth, analog mixer with built-in A to D, some hybrid analog/digital synths, monitors, and computer. Yeah, I think Live 9 will be good but I’ll probably find things to complain about. It helps to remember that the first sampler I used was an Ensoniq EPS 16+ that I borrowed from a monk.

> Tell me about your live setup for the Shameless party?
Laptop, two Novation Launchpads, and an Allen & Heath Xone DB4 mixer.

I’m playing “live” and DJ’ing at the same time.

I basically have two “decks” in Ableton.
Each deck is up to 8 channels of clips.
Each set of clips in a deck are controlled by a Launchpad.
Each deck sub-mix is fed to a channel on the DB4.
Within Ableton I’m playing “live” using song parts (drums, synths, noises, etc.), and on the DJ mixer, I’m mixing whole songs into each other, kind of like a DJ — mixing mixes.
Sometimes I’m using all 8 (Ableton) channels for a song and other times it’s just one. The DB4 gives me access to really good effects, plus I use it as a MIDI controller for effects that are sitting in Ableton. I also have low pass and high pass filters plus a looper on each DB4 channel, so filtering and phrasing can be done on each song, which helps to mix things together that might not otherwise make sense. That’s important when you’re only mixing your own music and your own music is kind of all over the place. There are tons of possibilities.

> Talk to me about the future. What projects are you working on? What’s on the horizon?

The future for me looks like it’s in Japan starting next year.

I’m also working on an EP. It’s got a little under-the-radar attention right now, so I’m encouraged and really grateful for that. I have tons of unfinished tracks, so I’m always trying to wrap them up. It’s difficult because I usually don’t have time to finish them in a day or two. It’s more like months and even years, mostly due to my job. When I come back to the tracks, I instantly have more ideas and spinoffs, so it’s very difficult to say “okay, this is final”. That’s good for live sets though, because I have tons of stems to play around with.

I want to play out more and release more music. I want to see people happy and freaking out, sweaty, sexually excited, and maybe a little confused.

Thanks for the interview Joe, and thanks for being a big part of what makes Seattle techno a reality.

You can catch Gunnar Lockwood Saturday December 22nd at the Electric Tea Garden for the monthly party “The Social.” Also Joel Pryde will be preforming along with your favorite Shameless residents.

New Years Day Club

December 20th, 2012 by joebellingham


Want to keep the party going past afterhours? Or maybe get a good night sleep and then start your year off right with your favorite DJs? Join Shameless as we bring the community together on New Years Day 2013 for a very special event with two stages! Festivities begin at 6am following NYE with the Innerflight family and then go until 4pm. Plus! There will be a couple of special performances by Gaydolf & The Golden Showers throughout the afternoon on the second stage.

Full bar opens at 6am. We will have all types of your favorite breakfast drinks. We will also be serving breakfast at 8am. There will be tons of bacon so bring your chompers along with your dancing shoes!

Cyanwave vs Sone (From 0-1)
Nordic Soul (Decibel)
Eva (Mastermind)
Wesley Holmes (Flammable)
Deepvibez vs Jeromy Nail (Uniting Souls)
J-SUN (Innerflight Music)
Sh6rl6s6 (KEXP, No Sleep)
DJ D’Nelski (Hush Hush)
Erin O’Connor vs Riff Raff (Soft Wall, Bottom Forty)
Recess (Shameless, Q)
Joe Bellingham (Shameless)
Withrock (Shameless)

The 2nd Annual
Breakfast Club
6am-4pm, 21+
Electric Tea Garden

immediately proceeding: Innerflight Toasted NYE

Mr C Speaks.

November 19th, 2012 by recess


September 12th, 2012 by joebellingham

Shameless and Decibel Festival go way back. Now they’re teaming up again to throw a very extraordinary showcase featuring an all local Seattle lineup. With so much talent right here in the city why look anywhere else but home? If you know Shameless parties then you know what you’re in for. If not? Come see what’s up Sunday September 30,  for dB 2012 at Q in Capital Hill. Featuring state of the art lighting, Funktion-One sound system and some killer Seattle Techno.

Decibel event page

Facebook event page

Resident Adviser event page

Sunday Sept 30th at Q

214 (Hypercolour, Frustrated Funk, Fortified Audio, Touchin

Sone (From 0-1, Subspec, Audio Autopsy) [Live]

Joe Bellingham (Shameless) [Live]

John Massey (From 0-1, Subsensory, Sound Rehab)

Michael Manahan

Recess (Shameless, Q)

1426 Broadway, Seattle, WA.
$5 or free with Decibel Festival pass



Congratulations Q!

September 12th, 2012 by recess

The incredible opening weekend at Q was kicked off with a private preview party last Friday night. This Saturday night September 15th both Recess and Astronomar will be teaming up to rock Q‘s impressive Funktion One sound system. Unless you’ve been sleeping for the past couple of years, our hometown homie has been making waves all over the world with his releases on Top Billin‘, Mad Decent, Southern Fried, Discobelle and upcoming release on Dim Mak. Even Diplo’s been dropping his cuts. Only $8 before 11p and $10 after.

Come Photosynthesize With Us!

July 17th, 2012 by devinkelly

Click the pic!

It’s late July, festival season is in full swing, and the Beach is calling us all back for more photosynthesizing. Photosynthesis five takes place in just a couple short days and Shameless is honored to be part of the festivities. This year’s event is once again being held on the beautiful and awe-inspiring Hobuck Beach Resort in Neah Bay, the Northwest-most corner of the continental United States and heart of the Makah nation’s tribal land. The Photosynthesis production crew has been working closely with the Makah to create a forward-thinking, exciting and culturally considerate party featuring a wide variety of great music, performance and visual art, and workshops. This year’s lineup includes an incredible sampling of diverse and heady music, including folks like Random Rab, Kilowatts, Desert Dwellers, Apendic(s) Shuffle, the Moontribe crew and many others.

Shameless is a close and long-time supporter of Photosynthesis. At least one member of our crew has played every year since year two, and we co-financed year three (at the Dragonsphere Event Center). This year, we are extremely proud to have Joe Bellingham playing live on the Mandala Dome main stage (courtesy of our good friends at www.mandaladomes.com) on Saturday afternoon and Adlib playing a very special space disco set right on the beach Sunday afternoon. Please come support this amazing homegrown event and don’t forget to say hi!

Getting Shameless at Esthetic Evolution 2012

June 3rd, 2012 by devinkelly

Click the pic!

Everyone at Shameless HQ is getting extremely excited for another year of attending, supporting and playing at Idaho’s sold out Esthetic Evolution festival, taking place over 06/22-06/24 at the Twin Springs Resort. As many of you already know, I (Adlib) am originally from Idaho and am a co-producer of the event. But I am just one of the dozens of Seattle-area folks who make the long annual pilgramage to Twin Springs. Whether playing one of the stages, running sound camps or just causing a general ruckus, Shameless and friends have repped hard at every Esthetic Evolution since 2006 and are an integral part of the event’s community.

In celebration of our long and ridiculously silly affair, we’re sharing our good friend Dave Matthew’s pics from last year. Please click the outrageous picture of Shameless resident Joe Bellingham to check out Dave’s Flickr set. You can also find pictures from every Esthetic Evolution over the last several years and MANY Shameless parties on his Flickr profile. For more information about the festival, please visit www.estheticevolution.com. This year’s event is sold out, but you can always start planning for next time if you like what you see!

Poster Giant Sucks.

April 25th, 2012 by recess

Well, it’s true. Poster Giant gets you noticed. The company that has been notorious around Seattle for creating a monopoly on public space through numerous shady tactics is once again in the news. This time for blatantly covering up the art of commissioned work.

Click here to see the recent blog post on the Seattle PI.

For years they’ve also directed their employees to cover up and/or tear down anyone else’s “non Poster Giant” event posters. Soon you’ll be noticed for doing business with them. Scratchmaster Joe has recently taken the lead on holding Poster Giant accountable. He’s organizing a boycott. To start, you can sign the petition below.

Click here to sign the “Boycott Poster Giant Petition”.

There have been numerous times in the past where we’ve been attacked by Poster Giant’s ruthless approach as well. One time we decided to fight back with their own methods.