Shameless Audiocast 005 Kadeejah Streets

July 16th, 2015 by joebellingham


Little known to many, long before the dirty womp infected his brain, it was Mr. Streets’ introduction to – and love affair with – the disco sound that saved him from himself…

Following his tour of duty in Vietnam in the late 60’s, Streets, disillusioned and alone, his Technicolor American dream shattered, drifted from city to city, making and breaking friendships in days over the most trivial matters such as, “Who the f$#@ got into my Choco Crunch!?” Eventually he made for the NYC where he found himself at home among the gay, black and Latino communities. It was here that he first encountered what was later to be popularly defined as ‘disco.’

“I’ll never forget it,” he once said. “Had I not accepted my friend’s invitation to check out this joint called the ‘Paradise Garage,’ my life wouldn’t have been the same, man. That first night I felt like I was rising to a higher state of consciousness. We were all one.” Mr. Streets has kept on rising ever since.

Shameless Audiocast 004 The Black Madonna

July 16th, 2015 by joebellingham


Shameless Audiocast is a monthly podcast featuring live shows, mixes and studio sessions presented by the Seattle based record label Shameless Audio. In this episode, we feature a live recording of The Black Madonna’s DJ set from Shameless’ 12th annual ‘My Bloody Valentine is Shameless.’

Dance music needs riot grrrls. Dance music needs Patti Smith. It needs DJ Sprinkles. Dance music needs some discomfort with its euphoria. Dance music needs salt in its wounds. Dance music needs women over the age of 40. Dance needs breastfeeding DJs trying to get their kids to sleep before they have to play. Dance needs cranky queers and teenagers who are really tired of this shit. Dance music needs writers and critics and academics and historians. Dance music needs poor people and people who don’t have the right shoes to get into the club. Dance music needs shirts without collars. Dance music needs people who struggled all week. Dance music needs people that had to come before midnight because they couldn’t afford full admission. Dance music does not need more of the status quo.

A sublime technician behind the decks, The Black Madonna is known for fluent and dynamic vinyl sets, which span from disco to techno. And then of course, there’s her inimitable energy, an infectious joy and ability to connect with the room, which along with her skill has cemented her as a beloved regular and crowd favorite at revered venues such as Panorama Bar. Her DJ mixes for Beats In Space, Little White Earbuds and Bicep’s Rinse FM show remain highly regarded, selected from deep crates and executed with precision.

Shameless Audiocast 003 Mozaic

July 16th, 2015 by joebellingham


Longtime Shameless fans will know of our not-so-secret love affair with the veteran San Francisco-based producer, vocalist, and DJ Mozaic, who has rocked the decks at many of our events over the years. He is a true DJ’s DJ, with a highly eclectic ear for all manner of sexy house and techno, and a favorite of everyone in our crew.

Shameless Audiocast 002 Christian Martin

July 16th, 2015 by joebellingham


Shameless Audiocast is a monthly podcast featuring live shows, mixes and studio sessions presented by the Seattle based record label Shameless Audio.

Shameless Audiocast is taking you back to Seattle’s favorite morning extravaganza with a live recording of Christian Martin’s DJ set from The Breakfast Club [dB Edition] 2014.

Shameless Audiocast 001 – Joe Bellingham

July 16th, 2015 by joebellingham


Shameless Audiocast is a monthly podcast featuring live shows, mixes and studio sessions presented by the Seattle based record label Shameless Audio.

The inaugural edition is a live set by the prolific and ever intrepid Joe Bellingham, featuring a selection of his classic, Joe B deep and spacey cuts, loaded with solid kicks, housey grooves and trippy vocal samples. It ends with Joe’s so far unreleased remix of our last outing, Luke Mandala’s Bacon Jam.

Look out for more DJ mixes and live sets in the coming months. Thanks for listening and supporting underground Northwest music. Share the love if you like it!

It’s Never To Late
A Letter With Meows
Your Drums
Love & Happiness
The Breakfast Club
Take Me Home
For Hazel
Honey Bear
Luke Mandala – Bacon Jam (Joe Bellingham Remix)
Knife Fight

All tracks produced by Joe Bellingham.

Mozaic In Seattle For Deck’d Out II

July 16th, 2015 by joebellingham

Thanks to everyone that came out to enjoy our kick off with Dave DK and the techno team! You exceeded our expectations in a BIG way. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve got one of our all time favorite West Coast DJs flying in from SF to join us this coming Thursday. MOZAIC!

We get to invite to you to join us for FREE! Every Thursday from 6-11p. No sponsors, no “guest lists” that close early, no email sign up trickery…just your pretty face and summer lovin’ vibe. So tell your friends and lets come together to celebrate our beautiful city from the Monkey Roof!

Deck’d Out with Dave DK FREE!

June 14th, 2015 by devinkelly

Dave DK

Seattle. We have so much love for you. There’s a reason we’ve been doing this for 12+ years now. So it brings us great joy (and admittedly we’re rather blown away) to announce that we’ve got Berlin’s Dave DK joining us for an incredibly special rooftop set this summer. And we’re pleased to invite you to this event for FREE! No sponsors, guest list closing early, email sign up trickery… just a gift from us to you. We really do love you. ♥ So tell your friends and let’s come together to celebrate our beautiful city from the Monkey roof!


Thursday July 9th
6p-11p No cover



CYLC (concentrate)


DJ & producer Dave DK has been making waves in the electronic music scene for a couple of years now. Since the early 90’s he was fascinated by the upcoming techno movement, which eventually led to his own active initiation. 1995 was the starting point for the then 17 year old. Together with a longtime friend, Dave produced his first tracks and was involved in the organization of underground techno and house partys, constantly trying to spread and push new electronic music.

Searching for new electronic sounds every day and having honed his skills as a producer in his chosen home Berlin, Dave released his first record on Müller Records in 1998. His DJ activities had been highly pushed since that time. In 1999 he became a resident DJ at Tresor/Globus club in Berlin, later on also at the legendary Panorama Bar. Beside his remix productions for Beroshima and Skiebäck he released records on raum…musik., Decore, Lifetime Music and Cadeaux.

As Dave is an open minded person who resents musical limits, he doesn’t want to be reduced to one style. His sound simply is the result of different styles that have influenced him throughout the years. “I have a passion for the wide range between house and techno as well as pop music and dancefloor stuff of the early 90’s”, says Dave.
Though he’s elegantly juggling a variety of electronic music to create his own style, in his tracks he often combines tragic melodies with kickin’ grooves that transform your body into a twisting stampede of electricity, with trademark swing and warm funk.

The year 2000 can be marked as the first highlight in his career: his debut album “sensory overload“ had been released on Müller Records and there were musical excursions on Cologne’s Television label as well as on the Barcelona based Regular label. Dave is now currently recording for Moodmusic and also on Playhouse (a collaboration with Holger „Smash TV“ Zilske) which brings him even closer to his idea of electronic house tunes.
In November 2007 Dave released his second album „Lights and Colours“ on Moodmusic.

For Dave DK, music is a model of living in which he’s able to enhance his skills in order to realise his vision of modern electronic club and home entertainment – expect more fantastic music in the very near future. Late 2010 saw the release of Dave’s first Mix CD on Moodmusic called RETAKE ONE.

In 2013 Dave has been signed by Kompakt, releasing his first 12“ on the Cologne based imprint in July. His latest Track “Woolloomooloo” got picked by DJ Koze and has been released on his Pampa imprint.

The return of our weekly “Deck’d Out” Thursday Summer party – featuring PEZZNER!

June 2nd, 2015 by devinkelly

Off Sonar Pezzner

That’s right, kiddies! We’re back for our second year of Thursday “Deck’d Out” summer parties on the Monkey Loft Rooftop! For our launch, we decided to just go for broke at the very beginning, with a very special mix release party for the one and only Pezzner! Join us for a stupidly stacked lineup and a ridiculously awesome night!

Simple. Starts at 6p and goes ’til 10 or… FREE! Every. Thursday. You know how we do.

THURSDAY JUNE 25th – 6p-11p

Join Pezzner and friends to celebrate Pezzner’s Off Sonar Mix Release representing 4 Northwest producers along with many other talented artists.

Pezzner (Visionquest, Systematic, Get Physical)
Doza (Sublevel, Get Physical)
Mat Anderson (KR, Get Physical)
Kid Hops (KEXP, Get Physical)

With summer in full swing and Sonar just around the corner, and with it perhaps one of the most influential parts of Sonar, the many OFF Sonar events. So it’s time for Get Physical to pack their suitcases and suit up for another amazing weekend in Barcelona. This year they’ve got a special compilation prepared by Dave Pezzner himself. With 14 tracks and a fantastic DJ mix accompanying the compilation is set to be the perfect beachside companion. A couple of highlights include Catz N’ Dogz’s funky number, ‘Nobody Cares’, or Iori Wakasas super smooth burner ‘Organic Poet’. Dave Pezzner made room for a couple of his own works on the compilation as well, ‘Love Train’ and ‘Scissor In Law’. Both tracks fit in super well with the theme of the compilation, keeping a steady flow of energy while never banging unnecessarily hard. Tracks like ‘Grabbster’s Theme’ by René van Munster ensure relaxation while Spettro’s ‘Vision Board’ keeps the groove strong.

Titel: Get Physical Music Presents: OFF Sonar 2015 by Dave Pezzner
Beatport 05.06.2015

Memorial Day Hijinks – Yo Yo Yoga and daytime deck party at the Monkey Loft

April 22nd, 2015 by devinkelly

Shameless deck

In the spirit of doing ‘club land’ a little bit different, we’re planning a community focused day of music and dancing at the Monkey Loft on Memorial Day (Monday, May 25th). We are starting at 10:30 am with a special edition of our “Yo Yo Yoga” yoga and DJ event, similar to what we used to do before the Shameless Social at ETG, then hosting an awesome daytime dance party with some of Seattle’s favorite DJs.

Yo Yo Yoga will feature flow-based yoga with Datza Uldrike and tunes from Kadeejah Streets. In her classes, Datza strives to blend her love of music and movement with playful, yet challenging and creative sequencing, kind of like KDJ in his notoriously awesome and ecclectic DJ sets. We can’t think of a better place than the Monkey Loft to start a long day of dancing with some healthy celebration and detoxing.

The daytime dance action begins at noon! We asked 7 local crews to pick one DJ to represent them and as a result we’re thrilled to announce resident DJs from KEXP, Flammable, Studio 4/4, Starborne, Uniting Souls, Innerflight, 1L❤️V and of course Shameless. We realize there are many other fantastic hard working crews out there that we missed but hopefully this event will catch on and in turn we’ll have the opportunity to include others. Just not enough time in the day. In the meantime, read on for our inaugural Memorial Day Hijinks’ line up…

Riz Rollins, KEXP
Wesley Holmes, Flammable
Eric Allen, Studio 4/4
Michael Manahan, Starborne
Deepvibez, Uniting Souls
Rhines, Innerflight
Buckmode, 1L❤️V
Recess, Shameless

Happy Birthday Manahan!!

For more info on Yo Yo Yoga, please click

For more information on Memorial Day Hijinks, please click

2915 1st Ave S

Shameless Presents Bulls Eye Taurus Party with KMLN!

April 10th, 2015 by devinkelly

KMLN Banner

Are you a Taurus or ally? Tauruses seem to be just about everywhere in and around the Shameless camp. And since we have two Tauruses in the family both celebrating their 30th birthday, we decided to surprise them with one of their favorite out of town acts by doing what we do best. Bringing the people together to dance. This will be an event for fans of the underground…

A Taurus Party
Happy 30th Birthday Annie & Joe!

KMLN (Berlin/LA)

Joe Bellingham

Kadeejah Streets
(Innerflight/Dirty Ice Crew)

(False Prophet, KEXP)

Live visuals by Brandy Gray

KV2 Sound by Starborne

10p-6a – 21+

Presale tickets ware available now! (Tauruses half off – sun sign) and can be picked up IN PERSON by contacting one of the hosts listed on this event. There will be no online presales so make sure to make that connection in advance to secure entry.

SODO Location to be announced day of show by calling 206-999-6931

Interested in vending? Contact us via Shameless Productions.

Want to learn more about KMLN? Read on…

An international force and shapeshifting duo, KMLN (pronounced “Kameleon”) unites Italian
producer/multi-instrumentalist Christopher Tooker and Canadian DJ/fashion designer Shawna Hofmann into a genre defying electronic sound that showcases their pioneering talent and global inspiration. May it be a prime time or sunrise set, they adapt to any surrounding and deliver unexpected genre-bending performances often featuring instrumentalists and dancers on stage, bridging the electronic and live music worlds and creating an unparalleled dance floor experience.

As world travelers and cultural observers, KMLN creates an astonishing trip through time and music, blending elements of deep house/techno and global/future bass, moving through tempos with layers of intricate lush melodies, rolling basslines and organic rhythms. With releases on Crosstown Rebels, Endless, Touch of Class and its own label KMLN records, their music is played by many DJs including Acid Pauli, M.A.N.D.Y, Jamie Jones, Damian Lazarus, Thugfucker and Luca Bacchetti.
Birthed in Berlin in 2011 by Christopher and now ex-partner Alex Moaca, KMLN quickly rose to fame because of its innovative addition of live musicians, which previously wasn’t part of the Berlin electronic scene. Within six months, they played all of Berlin’s world famous clubs
followed by shows in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, France and Italy throughout 2012.

In 2013, Christopher relocated to Los Angeles and a new evolution of KMLN was born when he joined forces with Shawna Hofmann, a trend-setting architect of the Bay Area and West Coast music/art scene. Drawing from a wide range of influences, the new union of KMLN quickly won crowds over at some of the biggest festivals and clubs in Mexico, West Coast USA, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan including BPM, Time & Space, Secret Island, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering, Burning Man, Shambhala, Bass Coast, and KMLN’s own world-
traveling party “Electric Safari”.
About Christopher Tooker

Christopher grew up in a very unique environment. His Finnish/American father authored several books on unconditional love, and his mother owns the first fully sustainable bed & breakfast on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Much of his youth was spent traveling with his dad on magnificent journeys worldwide to witness sacred sights throughout England, Ireland, North Africa, France, and 3 coast to coasts in America. At the age of 9, his passion for dance brought him to perform Italian shows as Michael Jackson. As a self-taught musician from the age of 14 with years spent in bands and extensive touring, Christopher was part of two successful Italian bands (Sony BMG – Warner), with several albums and videos that had rotation on MTV and All Music Italy. During 10 years of experimenting with genres and instruments, he created a 7 piece jazz-improv act, was the singer of a stoner rock band, a guitar and bass player in a successful electro-pop group and the drummer of a “Tool” inspired Italian heavy metal band. In 2010, upon moving to Berlin and hearing its innovative electronic soundscape, he immediately became inspired to merge his musical past with the sounds of the future, creating KMLN.

About Shawna Hofmann
Shawna’s passion for music began in early childhood attending the Winnipeg Music Folk festival in Canada, where she was exposed to musical genius from all over the planet, refining her ear for the origins of all types of music. At the age of 16, she hitchhiked throughout Mexico supporting herself with carving found materials and seeds into jewelry. Next came Thailand where she learned to fire dance and tattoo, then India to follow her passion for Vipassana meditation and eventually lived and traveled throughout Europe. Upon her return to America and settling down in the SF/Bay Area, the art of fire dancing, which was still unseen to most, turned her from being an introverted hermit to a sought after performer. Constructing her own costumes lead to her own fashion line that became a vastly trend-setting force in the underground festival scene worldwide. In 1999, she began performing as a DJ brewing eclectic fusions of future/global bass, moombahton, dancehall, cumbia, house, techno, disco, UK funky and tropical. She quickly became a favorite West Coast DJ and for 15 years, has been an inspirational force, cross-pollinating through various West Coast scenes and pioneering the cutting edge.