Video from ETG Closing Party!

January 12th, 2014 by devinkelly

The Shameless Social on November 23rd, 2013, was both the end of an era and a party for the record books. We spent over twelve hours saluting the legendary Electric Tea Garden, the longest lasting underground venue in Seattle dance music history. It was by far the most packed, crazy event in ETG’s almost 20 year history and a great send-up featuring friends old and new. The party started out strong and the dance floor was packed well before 11pm. It ended with bittersweet stories, smiles and tears from everyone in Shameless and ETG’s truly committed staff. Local videographer Cameron Jessup was able to capture some great footage of the peak hours at the event, including MC Anton Bomb performing over Adlib, our surprise impromptu marching band performance, and a glimpse of the mighty Donald Glaude, our surprise headliner for the night. Check it out!

Special thanks to Donald Glaude, Luke Mandala, Bad Pioneer and Nark for joining us on the decks, to ETG’s amazing staff and crew for all the years of hard work and, last but not least, to all the partiers and dancers out there who have supported both ETG and Shameless for so long. We love each and every one of you.

Celebrating well over a decade of dancefloor love

November 11th, 2013 by devinkelly


RSVP here to the last party ever to take place at ETG

As most of you have likely heard, The Electric Tea Garden will be closing its doors forever later this month. The owners of Seattle’s longest-standing underground venue have decided not to renew their lease, knowing that their time there would be extremely limited if they did. Their now legendary location is being sold, there is a huge apartment building going up across the street, and Seattle’s constant redevelopment plunders on, for better or worse. But supporters know that the legacy of ETG can never be truly lost. More importantly, we know that everyone involved with ETG will undoubtedly bounce back better than ever. Regardless of the outcome, everyone and everything involved will forever hold a special place in the Seattle dance music community’s collective heart. The underground will live forever, baby!

ETG is one of those rare underground music venues that has withstood the test of time without compromising, commodifying or collapsing under its own weight. The space has survived over a decade under several names and managers, hosting all manners of one-offs, weeklies, monthlies, after parties, radio shows and straight-up ragers. Throughout all of this, it managed to maintain an entirely community-driven, DIY and good vibes feel, even as it gradually became more refined, legitimate and on the radar of authorities and mainstream club land.

Initially dubbed the “Artificial Limb Company” (the name of the business occupying the bulk of the building), the space was primarily used for rave after parties, trance and ambient events by classic Seattle promoters like Inertia Labs and Future Trance Foundation. It would just as likely be hosting a happy hardcore after hours from 7am-noon as it would a weekend long, multi-room (yes, multi-room) ambient party. It was on this type of dancefloor that Shameless founder Recess met Seattle’s very own party-rocking MC Antom Bomb (AKA Tippet), who went on to be a key member of Shameless for several years and eventually became ETG’s bar manager. Needless to say, our love for these people runs deep.

Somehow, the space managed to maintain, despite building and business management changing hands. It gradually morphed into Oseao, a combined music venue, online radio station and music licensing service ran by Seattle underground dance music veterans such as Jon Lemmon. Oseao felt more legit and polished than the earlier days, but still displayed a deep love for Seattle’s dance music community. Shameless members Recess, Adlib and Jen Woolfe all played on the radio there, and we were all regular attendees of the earliest after hours events that gradually gave rise to what ETG is today. It was in this time that the current staff managing ETG began to form and the parties started having the ridiculous after hours vibe we all remember so well. Those were the days.

Spaces of that nature can only last so long before they are undone by their own popularity, the inevitable influx of hipsters, flavor of the week partiers, and mainstream clubbers, or the crushing weight of Seattle’s exceedingly anti-nightlife bureaucracy. It is here where ETG really excelled. The owners and management team were savvy enough to realize what was happening. They gradually morphed into a completely legit, on the radar and relatively mainstream after hours destination without compromising any of their community or music values. They coalesced an incredible, driven and passionate staff centered around leaders with big personalities and bigger hearts. They worked with veteran Seattle promoters such as Uniting Souls, De La Crème, Sweatbox, Innerflight, Shameless and others to create solid monthlies, each with their own flavor, feel and crowd. They threw many of their own ridiculously awesome events with a roster of amazing up-and-comers, veterans of the underground and even global superstar performers that is way too long and varied to list in this blog post. They hosted some of the most wild, long-standing after hours imaginable while keeping their sanity and remaining total legit.

But, most impressively, ETG built a solid base of consistent supporters, folks who seemed to be there ALL THE TIME, regardless of the event, crew behind it or day of the week. We know many of those folks will be with us for the very last ETG event, and we hold some that we know won’t be able to make it in our hearts. We ask that each of you reflect on your favorite memories of ETG before attending their two-day “ETG Love” party on November 15th-16th and/or joining Shameless at the very final ETG party on Saturday, November 23rd. Come early and stay with us past the sunrise, because this is gonna be something you’ll never want to forget.

Thank you all for supporting ETG –and Shameless- on such a long and wild ride. Nearly 20 years of love and memories have been created, collected, and shared within the walls of Electric Tea Garden. Please join us as we blow it up like never before and honor this communal legacy together! (Please share and re-post this , as there are so many people to reach who have helped to shape this unforgettable era).

Luke Mandala – Eugene, OR
(Desert Trax, Booka Shade Music, Addictech Records)
The Bad Pioneer – Portland, OR

Plus Shameless residents:
Joe Bellingham – live/DJ
Gato Negro

Saturday, 11/23
The Social at the Electric Tea Garden
10pm-very, very late! / 21+
Free before 11pm

Pics, music and merch from our outrageous label launch party!

November 1st, 2013 by devinkelly

Smash TV!


As most of you know, Shameless has started our very own record label, Shameless Audio, which premiered with an OUTRAGEOUS launch party at Seattle’s Electric Tea Garden on September 28th. We managed to throw a packed-to-the-gills blowout party from 9pm to 6am, despite it being a stacked Decibel Festival weekend with dozens of other events going on throughout the city. Our old friends and dancefloor heroes Smash TV played what could only be described as a completely ridiculous, totally face melting six hour set, with many attendees staying from start to finish. Those who showed up early got grab bags filled with all sorts of swag. Those there at the peak of the night got to hear Smash TV premier their remix of Shameless member Joe Bellingham’s “Our Reflection Blues,” the first release on the new label. Those there at the end got to order themselves a drink and stumble off into the sunrise sporting a new pair of Shameless sunglasses. It was an affair to be remembered.

For pics from the night, please visit Dave Matthew’s Flickr page page or Andi Dean’s pics on the Electric Tea Garden Facebook page.

To check out the release, please visit our Shameless Audio Soundcloud page.

To pre-order the release or pick up some of your very own Shameless swag, please visit our new Bandcamp site.

Thanks for ten years of love and support for our crew! Here’s to ten more for the label!

Shameless Audio Record Label Launch Party!

August 30th, 2013 by devinkelly

Shameless Audio for Web

The cat’s outta the bag!!! Shameless is celebrating the launch of our new record label, Shameless Audio, with an insane all night party featuring an extended DJ set from Berlin’s Smash TV and a LIVE set from our very own Joe Bellingham. Digital copies will be available of our first release, Joe Bellingham’s “Our Reflection Blues,” featuring remixes from Smash TV and Ghosts On Tape, along with new Shameless merchandise!

For the last ten years, Shameless has offered Seattle a near constant stream of forward-thinking electronic music, dancefloor debauchery and party-rocking good times. Whether through our recent “Flash” weekly at Q, our annual “My Bloody Valentine is Shameless,” the long running “Shameless Social” monthly at the Electric Tea Garden or our numerous collaborations, renegades and one-offs, Shameless has become synonymous with Seattle’s underground dance music community.

We felt making the jump to running a record label was long overdue, and showcasing original production from our own crew member and remix duties from some of our talented friends only made sense. Anyone who has seen Smash TV’s previous performances for Shameless know this is a party not to be missed. Come early, stay LATE, and join us in celebrating the first of what we hope will be a slew of new releases!


Smash TV (DJ) *6 Hour Set!* – (Get Physical, Mobilee, Bpitch – Berlin)

The name Smash TV rings bells internationally. Like a phoenix off the ashtray, Holger Zilske and Kai Preussner are back to bond their knowhow and skills, always burning the candle at both ends… Founder Holger Zilske is known for his numerous Smash TV-releases on bpitchcontrol: his albums “electrified” and “bits for breakfast”, singles like “yellow asteroids” “air/earth” and “locomotive breath” plus co-writing and co-production for Ellen Allien including the albums “stadtkind”, “berlinette” and “thrills”. Playhouse, Diynamic and Leena have been recent stations on Holgers path, always displaying a distinct blend of complex arrangements, gargantuan bass lines and sweat fueled percussion. Furthermore he’s got collaborations with Miss Kittin, Raz Ohara, Daso, Richard Davis, Dave dk and remixes for the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Kiki, Miss Kittin, Adam Freeland, Toktok and Marco Resmann up his sleeve. Kai Preussner has been silently involved in Smash TV productions since 2001 and collaborated with Holger Zilske on his highly rated soloalbum “Holz” on Playhouse. now he steps into the spotlight as the new member of Smash TV. Kai is also known as Citycobra and has just released an EP. with Axel Boman and Dave DK on Moodmusic and got another one on Playhouse coming up. For Holger and Kai, music is not just about the dancefloor, it’s a way of life and a means of communication on a deep emotional level. This becomes apparent on their latest releases on Get-Physical, Leena and Soulfooled as well as their live- & dj-sets, which achieved them the reputation of being the “last men standing”.

Joe Bellingham (Live) – Shameless

Bellingham joined Shameless Productions in 2009 and quickly established himself as a live act preforming his original Dub, Techno & Ambient live sets. With his trusty field recorder at his side, no personal moment is safe from sample. You might find him recording city buses on the streets of Seattle or at his residency at the Electric Tea Garden for the monthly party The Shameless Social. Either way, he would love to get together sometime to record cat meows, laughter and the channel 4 news.

With support from Shameless residents Recess, Adlib and Gato Negro



Saturday, 09/28
The Social at ETG
9pm-6am / 21+
$12 presale at

Shameless Social – ETG Love!

August 4th, 2013 by devinkelly

Shameless is proud to present another awesome edition of the Social! This month, we are celebrating the four years of love we’ve had with the Electric Tea Garden (and Oseao before it) by booking some of the folks behind the other fantastic monthlies hosted there. As you all know, our connections to ETG and the crews throwing events there are deep. We were one of the first serious monthlies there when it was still Oseao, and one of the only ones to keep going after it officially became ETG. We have collaborated with the folks from Uniting Souls, Sweatbox, Innerflight and Proper on numerous occasions, and we love the stuffing out of everyone in ETG’s fun, competent and dedicated staff. We want to return the love they’ve all given us by hosting a special edition of the Social honoring all of them. We hope you come out and support!


Derrick Deepvibez (uniting souls/mindshift)
Ctrl_Alt_Dlt (Sweatbox, SpaceRock, From 0-1)
Xan & Karl (De La Crème / Flammable / Proper)
Manos (Innerflight Music)
Sho’Nuff (Electric Tea Garden)
Gato Negro (Shameless)

Derrick Deepvibes (uniting souls/mindshift)

Ctrl_Alt_Dlt (Sweatbox, SpaceRock, From 0-1)

Ctrl_Alt_Dlt is a Seattle based DJ originally from suburban Detroit. He went to his first rave party in ’99 and was strongly influenced by the sounds coming out of the city. He started DJing in 2001 and naturally gravitated towards the Midwest’s dark, stark style of techno. Today, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt rides the fine line between techno and house, playing sets consisting of cerebral, psychedelic tracks that wring maximal power from minimal elements. In addition to a long standing residency at Seattle’s Electric Tea Garden, he’s also a founding member of Sweatbox, a strictly techno-based productions crew who’ve spearheaded numerous weekly, monthly, and one-off parties over the last 5 years, bringing the likes of Mark Henning, Derek Plaslaiko, Mikael Stavöstrand, Camea, and Dan Bell, to name but a small fraction. His production game is still in it’s infancy but he’s got early releases out on From 0-1, Peloton Muisque, Innerflight, and Mindshift Records, with more action on the horizon. He is also a contributing writer for Plasmodium and The Stranger.

Xan Lucero (De La Crème / Flammable / Proper)

Almost 20 years in the dj booth doesn’t lie, and neither does the dance floor … which is where Xan Lucero has spent the last 2 decades playing House and Techno Music. He has spent the better part of the last 15 years travelling America exploring its dj booths and dance floors playing a global brand of Underground Dance Music ; both on solo adventures as well as with his partner, Atom Bryce as The Control Freeks . Together with Atom and on his own , he has held residencies all around America , made parties, had raves, run record stores, started disco’s, helped with various record labels and has generally lived his life playing music for people that want to hear it .

Xan has recently relocated back to Seattle and is enjoying a packed schedule of holding down resident duties for legendary West Coast House Music institution Flammable ,and has been picked up by the NW staple brand , De La Creme , as well as hosting his own monthly and weekly parties , and continues to guest and tour around America.

Karl Kamakahi ( (De La Crème / Proper)

Manos (Innerflight Music)

An integral part of the Innerflight record label and music collective, dj Manos exemplifies a fresh and funky groove that pulses with prismatic energy to stimulate the mind, open the heart, and move the body. Known for dosing Seattle dance floors with everything from acid-laden techno and house to reverie-inducing experimental and starryeyed electronica, his musical adventures traverse divergent sonic terrains but nearly always venture into psychedelic territory. At once sensuous and sentient, bizarre and macabre, his motley assortment of muses include the mid 90s Minneapolis rave scene, industrial, punk, and hip-hop albums of the late 80s/early 90s, classical music, and The Beatles. Presently, this penchant for dissent and the transgressive has aligned with his bohemian spirit, awakening an enigmatic yet unmistakable artistic sensibility that resonates on multiple levels with dancers and heads alike. Whether rocking an all-night underground party at the break of dawn or sharing the bill with such diverse megawatt talents as: The Flashbulb, Juan Atkins, Pezzner, Proem, dj Three, Noah Pred, Phil Western, Freaky Chakra, or Luke Solomon, Manos consistently funks up the dance floor, shaking the booties and expanding the minds of the vibrant Northwest underground of which he is a passionate and deeply rooted element.

Sho Nuff (Electric Tea Garden)

Gato Negro (Shameless)

Gato Negro is really, really awesome. No, like, for real. Don’t miss him!


Doors open at 10pm / 21+ / Party goes late!

Electric Tea Garden
1402 E Pike St


Shameless – Keeping it weird since 2003.


April 12th, 2013 by joebellingham

April 12th, FLASH is proud to present…

Hotflush, Berlin/NYC

with special guest
Care Package / Stop Biting


$10 advance tickets are available at:

Doors at 9pm / 21+
@ Q Nighclub : 1426 Broadway, Seattle

Sepalcure’s combination of love for bass and 90s house acapellas is the culmination of a cathartic two week collaboration between Machinedrum and Praveen. Their mix of tribal dub, house and two step beats works equally well for both late nights in the club and rainy, introspective nights at home. Detroit techno chords cut through wooden beats, neon synths and dubbed out atmospherics.


March 22nd, 2013 by joebellingham



FLASH EVERY FRIDAY @ Q Nighclub : 1426 Broadway, Seattle

Shameless X Anniversary Video

March 22nd, 2013 by joebellingham

Proof that this amazingly awesome party went down. Big thanks to all our supporters over the last 10 years. Here’s to the next 10!

Ten Years in the Making

February 25th, 2013 by recess




MBVWeb Check out the whole collection of photos from the evening here:
Photos of the Main Event!

Photos of the After Party 

Beats, Booze, Bacon and The Breakfast Club!

December 27th, 2012 by devinkelly


This is Shameless HQ writing to remind all you Seattle freaks of where you should be spending your New Year’s Day. Whether you rest all of New Year’s Eve, get way too wasted before midnight and pass out in a gutter, party with Innerflight ’til the breaka-breaka dawn or are STILL UP from last weekend’s Shameless “Social” monthly, you would do yourself a favor by stumbling on over to the Electric Tea Garden, getting yourself an ice cold beverage, writing/speaking run-on sentences, and listening to some hot as hell dance music at about 6am until the wee hours of the afternoon on New Year’s Day. That’s right, we’re presenting another edition of our now infamous Breakfast Club party, featuring food, booze and two areas of music insanity from 6am-4pm.

For those of you were there last year, this should be a no-brainer. For those of you who weren’t, you’ll just have to come see if all the rumors are true. Will there be more phenomenal sets by some of Seattle’s favorite dance music legends? Definitely! Will there be incredibly awesome performance art? You betcha!… although this time it will be by Gaydolf and the Golden Showers, as Tons of F***ing Sequins are now signed to a major label and way out of our league… Will a man strangely resembling Zach Galifinakis blow us all away with his unique and only slightly creepy brand of awesomeness? Hopefully! Will Principal Vernon show up? Probably not. Will there be a metric shit-ton of bacon? Probably yes. Will there be at least some bacon? MOST DEFINITELY! Will there be booze-a-plenty? YES! It will be flowing like Manna from heaven (or, at least, from ETG’s exceptionally competent and tolerant bar staff)!!! Will Adlib be playing another exceptionally rad closing set? No… alas, he can’t make it, as he will be on a plane to Hawaii… but that means you guys all just have to get twice as stupid for him!

We guess at some point we should stop writing and share the details. Well, for those of you still around, here they are!

The Breakfast Club – New Year’s Day Party!

Cyanwave vs Sone (From 0-1)
Nordic Soul (Decibel)
Eva (Mastermind)
Wesley Holmes (Flammable)
Deepvibez vs Jeromy Nail (Uniting Souls)
J-SUN (Innerflight Music)
Sh6rl6s6 (KEXP, No Sleep)
DJ D’Nelski (Hush Hush)
Erin O’Connor vs Riff Raff (Soft Wall, Bottom Forty)
Recess (Shameless, Q)
Joe Bellingham (Shameless)
Withrock (Shameless)

6am-4pm, 21+
Electric Tea Garden
Seatlle, Washingsocks!
immediately proceeding: Innerflight Toasted NYE (GO TO THIS PARTY, TOO!!!)