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Pictures from Balls Out! 4 America

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Well, we finally wrapped up our 4 part Balls Out! series with “bombs bursting in air”. This series of events have been a blast and we’re incredibly grateful to our team of volunteers and participants that have helped make each month unique. Here’s a little recap of the past 4 months…

  • We hosted AC Slater (NYC) and presented Seattle’s first (& probably only) ‘dunk the hipster tank’.
  • We also brought out A1 Bassline (UK) for his Seattle debut performance and smashed a disco ball pinata in celebration of all things ridiculous.
  • Finally got to throw a Warriors themed costume party. Those that know Recess personally know that he’s been wanting to do that for years.
  • Studio 75 Exclusive and friends stopped by last month to present one hell of a sexy fashion show.
  • A bunch of bad ass local street artists showed off their talents each month in a live capacity.

For last Friday’s family style event we welcomed our good friends from the Innerflight crew to get down with us. Kinoko, Eli Heuer & special guest Fu represented on the live art front. Killing Frenzy killed it on live visuals and Luvshack’s extra bass went boom. Thanks to everyone that came out!

Click on any of the pictures below to see more. Also we should have some video posted sometime soon so check back again.

Fuck Yeah! Balls Out! #4 w/ Shameless & Innerflight

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Shameless Presents…

Balls Out! 4 America

Friday 11-14-08

Rebar Seattle

America. Fuck yeah!! This month’s edition of Balls Out! will be a family affair as Team Shameless invites Innerflight over to our home at the Rebar. Luvshack is providing extra sound. Say it loud… BALLS!!


The Players

Recess and Kadeejah Streets
aka Sparks Fountain


Levi Clark and J-Sun



Night Train

MC Anton Bomb

Live Visual Art Crew


Eli Heuer

Plus Special Guest Artist…


Photos by Dave Matthews

Balls Out! 4 America

Friday 11-14-08
Rebar Seattle

Apple pie provided for your all-American clubbing experience.
Fuck yeah!!

See you November 14th!

Pictures from Balls Out! #3 – Warriors Edition

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Dave Matthews took a ton of great pictures from Balls Out earlier this month. Click on any of the pictures below to see more.

Also, don’t forget next month Shameless & Innerflight crews will be teaming up to go Balls Out 4 America! Fuck YEAH!!

Balls Out 3 – Warriors Edition – Oct 10th

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Here’s all of the details for next week’s Balls Out! event at the Rebar. Get your costume ideas here…

Shameless & NAHA Army Present…

BALLS OUT! Series 3
Friday October 10th @ Rebar


Warriors, come out to play-ay! In the spirit of tough journeys, Coney Island homecomings, and keeping away from those that would hold you down, October’s edition of Balls Out! encourages costumes of the gritty, gang-filled Gotham sort. In addition to Wonder Wheel memories and sexy leather vests, this month’s show features top-notch Live Performances from 2 of Seattle’s most talented producers. Incite! aka Nordic Soul aka Sean Horton aka Mr. Decibel will bring out a heated electronic dance set. Also, prepare to be blown away by dark horse entry, AJ Spider Sorbello. Expect a filthy, electro-bass set from this local.

The Balls Out! crew has lots of great tricks and treats in store for this month. In addition to blistering live sets from Incite! and AJ Spider Sorbello, resident DJ sets from Recess and NAHA, this month’s features custom costumes by Babe of Belltown (Match Game), a Studio 75 Exclusive Fashion Show by Capitol Hill fashion icon Sir Rayven Blakk, Live Art by Kinoko of Fourthcity and Eli Heuer with Special Guest Artist Rondo ( Of course we’ll have extra sound support by Shameless, with hosts Menami and MC Anton Bomb and photographs by

Balls Out! is a new monthly event that joins the forces of Shameless, NAHA Army, Fourthcity and many of our supportive and gifted friends at dance-friendly venue and favorite, the Re-Bar. Can you Balls Out?


Incite! (Live – Decibel)

You may have heard of him before. He throws this little annual party called Decibel Festival. We booked him because his live sets as Incite! are bad ass. Some of you already know that after catching him at Sole Repair last Thursday. We’re looking forward to hearing him tear it up without the stress and worries of a massive event. Just some live kicking techno beats at everyone’s favorite local venue, the Rebar.

Aj Spider Sorbello (Live)
AJ Spider Sorbello was born in Sacramento, California. After attending his first underground event at age 11, AJ had found himself in a life changing experience. By 15 he was already DJing at numerous underground events. From 2001 on he’s been DJing regularly with world class talent at massive events. Lately much of his time as been spent in the studio producing his own tracks which range across the spectrum of dance music genres. Although he DJs and produces multiple genres you can hear the quality in all of his tracks. Click the link above and check out some of them on myspace.
We really looking forward to hearing what he puts together for his debut live set at Balls Out!

Plus Residents Recess & Naha


Live art by Fourthcity’s wonder woman, Kinoko. Joined by Eli Hueur & special guest Rondo. The talent in this little three person pool is incredible. Each month Kinoko and Eli invite special guest artists down to join them in whatever live art form this choose that night. Check out Rondo’s blog here…


Studio 75 Exclusive fashion show will be led by Sir Brigadier General Thomas RayVen Blakk II. Got that? Check it out here…


Choose a Warriors Gang and come dance at the Rebar! We’ll be starting around 10pm and going until at least 2:30am…maybe later. Can you dig it?


Shameless’ Menami and Anton Bomb.
Dave Matthews Photos.

Hope to see you Friday October 10th!

Pictures from Balls Out! Series 2 w/ A1 Bassline

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Had a blast last Friday with A1 Bassline making his Seattle debut. The dude is mad talented and I think we’re just seeing the beginnings of a bright future. Also, finally got to smash that disco ball pinata that Sean Williams and Menami put together this past summer. Thanks again to the Balls Out crew for holding everything down. Thanks also to everyone that came out to get down. Click the picture below to see more!


Also, get ready for Balls Out! Series 3… “Warriors…come out to plaaaaayeee!”

Pictures & video from Balls Out! Series 1

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

So we had Levi Clark’s ‘Dunk the Hipster’ tank outside, Shameless warriors returning to the Rebar, Naha Army joining the campaign and a bad ass DJ/Producer (aka AC Slater!) flying in from Brooklyn to bass the place out. Yet it was August and in Seattle August usually means it’s time for BBQs, camping, trips to the ocean or preparation for a week in Nevada’s desert. For most club promoters August is a death trap. It’s the one month out of the year that even big name headliners sometimes have a hard time pulling the heads out. Yet on 08-08-08 Seattle represented BIG by catching onto the unpretentious spirit of Balls Out! and helped make our first in a series of monthly events one to remember.

As always there are a ton of people to thank. Rev. Killjoy who represents both Shameless and a new start up silk screen printing company called Beach Balls of Death (BBoD) brought it on many levels with his original drawings that combined mad ball imagery on post apopcalyptic hipster bodies. Be sure to look out for BBoD in the near future! Kinoko (Fourthcity), Eli and Marianne introduced a new level of live art to the party scene by deftly creating portraits on the fly while the beat pounded on the dance floor. Menami, Anton Bomb and friends always help make everyone feel welcome and once again proved themselves as some of the best party hosts in town. Seanny, Cara, Luying, and Eric all looked fabulous while holding down door duties. Thanks to Luvshack for getting the extra Shameless sound there and back. It sounded sooooo good in there! Swank surprised us by showing up and immediately pitched in to help out in any way that he could. We also have to give a shout to the Rebar staff for being so supportive. Not only did they let us keep the party going past 2am, but when we showed up early in the night one of the bartenders had made Mad Ball t-shirts for all of the staff. Also, much love goes out to Will and Devin for revealing their inner hipster and taking one (or two or three…) for the team!

Mostly thanks to everyone that came out to dance and have a good time. The support from our community has been amazing. We love you Seattle!

Click Levi Clark’s pictures below to view more…

Also, check out this video by Dave from Ok Party!

08.08.08 – Balls Out w/ AC Slater from OK Party on Vimeo.

Let’s do it again next month!

BALLS OUT! 08-08-08 @ Rebar

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Shameless is returning to the Rebar! It’s been a few years, but we’ve decided to head back to one of our favorite Seattle clubs for a new monthly called Balls Out. One of our favorite producer/DJs will be joining us from NYC to throw down along with local favorites Kadeejah Streets & Schlage. We’re teaming up with NAHA Army so expect the unexpected with residents Recess & Naha. Reportedly Levi Clark is putting together a ‘dunk the hipster tank’ and we’ll have Kinoko & Eli Heuer on hand doing live art. Get hyped and come back home to the Rebar in August. We’ll even bring in some extra sound to bump the basslines.

Click here and RSVP for reduced cover.

More information coming soon!!