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Seattle – Mid 90s Rave

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

It’s rare to find decent video footage from back in the pre digital camera era that captures Seattle’s electronic music community. Yet before Nirvana was playing out to crowds of more than 40 people, the underground dance scene was strong! So much so that it was about to blow up in the early 90s. That was until grunge rock pushed it back underground again. Not necessarily a bad thing considering the underground is usually where most of the innovation and new ideas are generated. It really didn’t start to resurface again until the mid 90s so coming across this gem was a treat. Features an incredibly cute Groovin’ Kim (, Donald Glaude, DJ Grover and many others. Unfortunately the video doesn’t always mention the people they are interviewing, but there are some familiar faces that are still involved with the scene today.