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Broken Disco for 2009!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

Here’s the official word from the BD family…

—————– Bulletin Message —————–
Date: Dec 23, 2008 5:41 PM

Gosh! We just can’t wait to see you all! The fishing was good but being together again is great.
Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to shake it!


**BROKEN DISCO 2.0**..
January 16th @ Chop Suey – SEATTLE, WA

After taking a break to go fishing, Broken Disco is back in the saddle again. To help start the New Year off right, Broken Disco is coming back to 3rd Fridays and the first show is January 16th at Chop Suey (Seattle, WA), featuring performances from international producers THE MARTIN BROTHERS (US) and FRIVOLOUS (DE) with outstanding DJ sets by talented Pacific Northwest locals CLAUDE BALZAC, NOISEMAKER, JISAAN + the LOVEVIRUS, and INTROCUT.


The Martin Brothers San Francisco

2×4 DJ Set / dirtybird, Utensil, Buzzin’ Fly Records
www. myspace. com/justinmartinsmusica
www. myspace. com/birdydird

Justin Martin is one of the few house DJs that successfully bridges the gap between being commercially successful and staying true to the underground. His sound has been described as both melodic and tough, with releases ranging from the dynamic “Cicada” on dirtybird to the slamming “Magnificent” remix for Iz and Diz on OM records. Justin first gained international acclaim for his single, “The Sad Piano,” on Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly label. The single made its way into many A-List DJ crates as well as receiving many accolades from critics. Over time, Justin developed a more edgy sound in his hometown of San Francisco. He helped develop the local dirtybird label with his good friend, Claude VonStroke, releasing several amazing singles and remixes.

Christian Martin’s love affair with electronic music began in 1995, as an early attendee at Southern California’s now legendary Moontribe full moon desert parties. After absorbing late 90’s club life in New York, London, and Los Angeles, Christian settled in San Francisco in the spring of 2000. He started playing records in 2002 under the tutelage of his brother, Justin Martin, armed with a stack of Justin’s old vinyl and used Technics 1200’s from Sammy D. In 2003, inspired by the massive desert soundsystems of old, Christian founded the dirtybird soundsystem. Along with co-founders Justin Martin, Worthy, and Claude VonStroke, dirtybird’s Sunday afternoon BBQ’s have quickly become a Golden Gate Park institution.

Frivolous Berlin, Germany

LIVE! Scape / Poptronix / Karlof
www. frivolouslive. com

In 1996, won over by unified dance floors and the Detroit sound, the 16 year old Frivolous engages in a long term love affair with the loop and takes his first weekly residency at a downtown Vancouver after hours. After two successfully directionless years in electronics and then design, and after dabbling with some white label releases, Daniel decides to put his pride aside and send out a demo. A CD of incomplete works were sent out as an experiment to 5 of the most technologically innovative 12″ labels in Germany and received back were 3 requests to release the material. Today, after a long evolution in his sound, Daniel’s recording alter-ego Frivolous captures a romantically influenced montage of the most cutting edge production techniques with an old soul mentality. Along side his extremely bizarre performances, is the incorporation of classic instruments, home-made inventions and vocals into an environment built on experiments with glitchy cut-up funk, musique actuelle, and found sound.

Introcut Seattle

DJ Set – Fourthcity / Trashy Trash
www. myspace. com/introcut

Introcut is a member of the Fourthcity Crew (Seattle) and has been playing records for over a decade. He spins many different styles of music from hip-hop, downtempo, glitch, electronic, brokenbeat, house, techno, and dub to electro, 80s, space funk, punk, metal jazz, etc, as well as being a self-proclaimed super nerdy record collector that is also known for scratching Technics. Introcut has held a resident DJ slot at the Lo-Fi Performance Gallery’s Tuesday night, “Stop Biting” for the last 4 years and includes other Fourthcity members and talented locals. Introcut is also a resident DJ at Trashy Trash, a drunken monthly dance party at the Sunset Tavern. Introcut is one of the founding members of the Broken Disco parties and spends a lot of time hanging up concert posters for his local poster distribution company, PosterMidget. DJ Introcut is also featured scratching on the first track of the latest Truckasauras album, “Tea Parties, Guns, and Valor” and the Galactic Ionization Unit, which includes members of Foscil, BOB22 & Truckasauras. Find Introcut and you will find great music, good times, and happy, dancing people.


Claude Balzac Seattle

DJ Set – Trashy Trash
www. myspace. com/friquemusique

Claude Balzac is the crazy French alter-ego of Seattle based DJ/Producer Ben Meadow (aka Nominal I). Balzac’s first performance was in April 2007 doing a live set at the Fourthcity crew’s Laptop Battle: Teen Idol Survivor. Since then he has been setting dance floors ablaze all around the Northwest. Balzac’s style is rooted in electro and electro house but he frequently incorporates music from a variety of genres into his sets. He will do what it takes to make the party hot. Right now he is working on a series of Baltimore Club remixes. You can also check him out and download a mix from his blog. Frique Musique is Claude Balzac’s full frontal assault on the world of electronic dance music.

Noisemaker Seattle

DJ Set – Beatcon
www. myspace. com/206noisemaker

NoiseMaker ignites crowds like the anti-fireman of the sound revolution, a peaceful warrior and artist who sets to flames all who hear his unique and expressive style. His weapon is a smart-bomb of beats, an imaginative interpretation of music which is virtually an orgy of genres from glitch to hip-hop to dub step to 80’s pop hits to drum and bass to thug rap from the eastern suburbs of Paris. Unafraid to take risks, he chops up everything from Rage Against the Machine to Justin Timberlake with no apologies and with much love from his audience. You better hold on tight kids, this is the red pill. Besides being involved with the Seattle Underground DJ collective, the monthly dance mania and brain-killer Spy Party, and LiveNLove Productions, he has also performed alongside such talents as Glitch Mob, BreakBeatBuddha, VibeSquad, SoulEye, Novatron, and many others.The future of art is happening right now, and it sounds like NoiseMaker. This revolution will not be televised.

Jisaan + the LoveVirus Seattle

DJ Set – Analog / Produkt / Booty Resin
www. myspace. com/jisaanwww. myspace. com/thelovevirus

Jisaan is the founder of Produkt, and host of Seattle’s musically-versatile events known as “ANALOG”. Jisaan has spent many years travelling all over the world and immersing himself in electronic music on many foreign dancefloors until his arrival in Washington in 1998. Known on the dancefloor as Spirit Dancer and behind the decks as Jisaan; his musical tastes are varied and include; Deep House, Techno, Electro, and even Downtempo and Dubstep. A lover of Seattle and the musical culture it fosters, Jisaan lives for inspiring others through his song…and his dance, and is always excited to share the music that makes him groove.
It’s Gruvytime!

The LoveVirus is nearly 4 years old. It was that many years ago when dj niugini aka Carter W*** made it his intention to infect the world around him with his positive love energy. Many of your city’s finest and most conscious minds and souls have been touched by the sounds of this atypical DJ. A founding member of the Burningman crew, “BootyResin”, the LoveVirus is also an Uniting Souls resident.
A veteran of FenixFest, Epidural, SIDW, Decibel Festival, Magnetic/Kinetic, and Spy, the LoveVirus uses flawless, meticulous, and aggressive mixing, and incomparable track selection to craft an electronic music experience that makes you want to do more than just dance, it makes you Love!

Live Art by Kinoko Seattle, WA

Powfox / Fourthcity
http://www. myspace. com/kinoko

Photos by Dave Matthews Seattle, WA

www. davematthewsphoto. com

Visuals by Scott K.
Seattle, WA

The Now Device
www. scottkjames. com

1325 E.

21+ (ID required)

Advance Tickets on Sale NOW!
Pre-sales are available.

$12 advance | $15 at door

Click here to buy tix now from Ticketweb. com

Tickets also available at:

Chop Suey Box Office
1325 E Madison
Seattle, WA 98122
M-F 12pm – 6pm
(door on 14th St side)

Fuck Yeah! Balls Out! #4 w/ Shameless & Innerflight

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Shameless Presents…

Balls Out! 4 America

Friday 11-14-08

Rebar Seattle

America. Fuck yeah!! This month’s edition of Balls Out! will be a family affair as Team Shameless invites Innerflight over to our home at the Rebar. Luvshack is providing extra sound. Say it loud… BALLS!!


The Players

Recess and Kadeejah Streets
aka Sparks Fountain


Levi Clark and J-Sun



Night Train

MC Anton Bomb

Live Visual Art Crew


Eli Heuer

Plus Special Guest Artist…


Photos by Dave Matthews

Balls Out! 4 America

Friday 11-14-08
Rebar Seattle

Apple pie provided for your all-American clubbing experience.
Fuck yeah!!

See you November 14th!

Pictures & video from Balls Out! Series 1

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

So we had Levi Clark’s ‘Dunk the Hipster’ tank outside, Shameless warriors returning to the Rebar, Naha Army joining the campaign and a bad ass DJ/Producer (aka AC Slater!) flying in from Brooklyn to bass the place out. Yet it was August and in Seattle August usually means it’s time for BBQs, camping, trips to the ocean or preparation for a week in Nevada’s desert. For most club promoters August is a death trap. It’s the one month out of the year that even big name headliners sometimes have a hard time pulling the heads out. Yet on 08-08-08 Seattle represented BIG by catching onto the unpretentious spirit of Balls Out! and helped make our first in a series of monthly events one to remember.

As always there are a ton of people to thank. Rev. Killjoy who represents both Shameless and a new start up silk screen printing company called Beach Balls of Death (BBoD) brought it on many levels with his original drawings that combined mad ball imagery on post apopcalyptic hipster bodies. Be sure to look out for BBoD in the near future! Kinoko (Fourthcity), Eli and Marianne introduced a new level of live art to the party scene by deftly creating portraits on the fly while the beat pounded on the dance floor. Menami, Anton Bomb and friends always help make everyone feel welcome and once again proved themselves as some of the best party hosts in town. Seanny, Cara, Luying, and Eric all looked fabulous while holding down door duties. Thanks to Luvshack for getting the extra Shameless sound there and back. It sounded sooooo good in there! Swank surprised us by showing up and immediately pitched in to help out in any way that he could. We also have to give a shout to the Rebar staff for being so supportive. Not only did they let us keep the party going past 2am, but when we showed up early in the night one of the bartenders had made Mad Ball t-shirts for all of the staff. Also, much love goes out to Will and Devin for revealing their inner hipster and taking one (or two or three…) for the team!

Mostly thanks to everyone that came out to dance and have a good time. The support from our community has been amazing. We love you Seattle!

Click Levi Clark’s pictures below to view more…

Also, check out this video by Dave from Ok Party!

08.08.08 – Balls Out w/ AC Slater from OK Party on Vimeo.

Let’s do it again next month!

Check out the article in Seattle’s The Stranger magazine

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Bug in the Bassbin
Time to Go Balls Out

by Donte Parks

With all of the hassle from The Man, it’s getting increasingly harder to have fun on the Hill. But until we can elect a more nightlife-supportive administration, we’re forced to work around the limitations it presents. Shameless has found a solution that requires neither trekking across the city nor partying in some shady space. Instead, Shameless’s newest monthly venture (with the Naha Army) aspires to be a balls-out party, appropriately titled Balls Out, and it’s found the right venue for that to occur without any hassles.

“It feels like we’re in the movie Footloose,” says Shameless’s DJ Recess about the current nightlife environment, which has recently seen both Neumo’s and Chop Suey under constant scrutiny from law enforcement and liquor control. Shameless’s Menami adds, “No one wants to come to a party with cops outside. We’re not the only promoters that have had to deal with the draconian noise situation.”

To combat that concern, Shameless is throwing Balls Out at Re-bar. Host to Shameless’s My Bloody Valentine parties, Re-bar has remained off law enforcement’s radar, due in large part to its relatively isolated location. “Re-bar’s always been a red-headed stepchild [of a club], but now we can use that to our advantage,” says Menami.

Shameless is bringing in more than just a truckload of extra sound for the night. Fourthcity’s Kinoko will be curating live art performances for the event, and there’s going to be a “hipster dunk tank.” Don’t worry, it’s all in good fun. “It’s not about making fun of hipsters; it’s about making fun of ourselves. What does ‘hipster’ even mean these days?” says Recess. For the inauguration of the night, ex-hardcore DJ AC Slater is flying in; he’s a rave favorite who’s successfully transitioned to more contemporary bassline and electro, a favorite of the Palms Out Sounds blog.

Shameless promoters are optimistic that they’ll be able to keep having events on the Hill, like Broken Disco, the collaborative monthly they helped throw at the troubled Chop Suey. “We really want to come back strong with Broken Disco, but in the meantime, we’re going to see what we can get away with at Balls Out.”…d=636599&ms

Broken Disco – One Year Anniversary Party!

Friday, April 4th, 2008

This has been an amazing club night! Come celebrate with us on Friday. Click the image above for more information…

Also, check out this write up in The Stranger…

Bug in the Bassbin by Donte Parks

Broken Disco Celebrates a Birthday

That must be quite the comfortable rock you’ve been living under if you’ve somehow managed to remain ignorant of Broken Disco. In a short 12 months, the night has grown from an ambitious concept to a fixture in Seattle’s nightlife, placing a consistent spotlight on local talent while hosting a diverse range of headliners.

The Voltron-esque club night combines the promotional efforts of Decibel, Sensory Effect, Shameless, and Fourthcity—transforming Chop Suey into a destination on second Fridays. Instead of the usual lineup nitpicking, Broken Disco has established itself as a trusted brand, inspiring attendance even with artists who aren’t household names, quite the feat with Seattle’s fickle audiences.

For Broken Disco’s anniversary, the promoters have opted for an all-out party assault, guaranteeing both a sweaty ceiling and noise complaints from Chop Suey’s pesky neighbors. They’re going big, bringing in a slew of out of towners instead of the usual single headliner, representing a pretty wide swath of the all-inclusive Broken Disco sound. Topping the bill is Tittsworth, the D.C.-area DJ who drops a heavy dose of Baltimore club in his catch-all party-jam sets. Former Laptop Battle champion Starkey comes from Philly, roughed-up beats in tow. Portland’s Copy will illustrate the unironic usage of keytar, while Kansas City duo Tactic will kick things off with a set heavy on their own bouncy remixes.

NYE Party Pictures

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008

Thanks to everyone that helped make the Robot-Warriors room go off! Check out the pictures below. Dave Matthews captures his first party of 2008

Science Friction NYE Party @ Youngstown
[Click to view more…]

Look what’s just around the corner!

The Egyptian Lover!!!



‘My Bloody Valentine is Shameless’ party!

Friday Feb. 1st

[Sept Schedule 2007] NO. SLEEP. ‘TIL. OCTOOOOOOBER!

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Do a little clicky-click with the mouse on any of the images below for more information…

Saturday Sept 8th



Thursday Sept 13th
Alert! The French are coming!

SHAMELESS, CLUB POP & URB MAGAZINE PRESENT…Institubes Paris Terror Club Tour!!!


Friday Sept 14th
Broken Disco Six!

Close Encounters with Live TECHNO


Friday & Saturday Sept 21st & 22nd
Shameless Presents the 4th Annual Official Decibel Festival Afterparties

Capitol Hill location TBA



*[Every Wednesday] CUT & PASTE w/ Anton Bomb & Guests
@ Capitol Club

*[9-07] Disuko! @ Nijo w/ Recess, Menami & Special Guest

*[9-09] Sunset Seattle @ Golden Gardens from 1pm to sunset
W/ Kris Moon (Live), Jerry Abstract, Adlib, Recess, J-Sun, Kadeejah Streets, Manos

*[9-15] Recess in PORTLAND! @ After Dark (111 NE MLK in PDX).

*[9-29]Uniting Souls/Innerflight – Double Anniversary Party TBA

bRave on.

Pictures from Broken Disco – Episode II

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Knifehandchop! Passions! Plus more…(including your ass bRaving on the dancefloor!)

Click the pic to see more compliments of Dave Matthews.

Broken Disco II-29.jpg
MC Anton Bomb in his space suit!