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Shameless Presents The 5th annual Breakfast Club!

Sunday, December 6th, 2015

Breakfast Club 2016 facebook banner

Here we go again! For the 5th year in a row, Shameless is continuing our tradition of throwing a New Years DAY party and it’ll once again take place on our favorite rooftop rain or shine. Two rooms of music to start 2016 off right.

The Monkey Loft, Seattle
New Years DAY – January 1st 2016
4a-4p, 21+,

Hosted by Bubbles (Listed, SF)

With special guest…

***THREE (Hallucienda)***
Born and raised in a musical home in Pittsburgh, Christopher Milo then moved south where musical experiences at the roller skating rink gave birth to DJ Three steering him on a path to become a pioneer of the fertile Florida rave scene of the 90’s before rising up and relocating to New York City in the 00’s where he’s since held residencies at institutions like NYC’s Twilo, the famed Robots parties at Cielo and now at Output in Brooklyn all the while being a global regular at underground mainstays from Japan’s Labyrinth Festival and Get Lost to fabric in London and Club Eleven in Tokyo. He’s known and loved known the world over for his eclectic underground musical stylings both as a DJ, label head and artist having been involved in beloved U.S. imprints Hallucination Recordings, Hallucination Limited and now Hallucienda while at the same time having produced underground staples like the Three A.M. Burning Spear remix of Rabbit In The Moon – Out Of Body Experience in the 90’s and the perennial underground classic Second Hand Satellites – Multiple Mirrors E.P. in the the early 00’s. His stylistic range made him the perfect choice to curate and mix the “Laterna Magika” DJ mix portion this summers Visionquest Ultraviolet 1 compilation on which he draws upon the labels vinyl only material and the more hidden gems lurking in Visionquest’s own diverse catalog. Visionquest Ultraviolet 1 was released in late June and Three’s “Laterna Magika” mix is receiving rave reviews from Mixmag (Comp Of The Month honors), XLRR, Data Transmission, Ibiza Voice, RA, but, most importantly from you —- the dancers and music lovers —- setting the tone for even more adventurous DJ sets this fall and winter.

Along with two rooms of music by favorites from all across the Northwest…

J Alvarez/214 (Frustrated Funk, Shipwrec)
Kid Hops (KEXP, Get Physical, Ninja Tune)
Stimmhalt (Peace & love)
Andy Warren (Believe You Me)
Recess (Shameless)
Brian Lyons (Flammable, Studio 4/4)
Joe Bellingham (Shameless)
Trinitron (Bounce Brunch)
Riff-Raff (Night Crush, Bottom Forty)
Pinky Promise (Studio 4/4, Q Nightclub)
Tyson Wittrock (Shameless)
Aaron Daniel (DJ/Live Set)
Shelrawka (+PLUS Techno)
Adlib (Shameless)
Sharlese (False Prophet, KEXP, TUF)
Miles Mercer B2B Kinjo (Grounded)
Josh Verse (Fifth Beatle)
Tons of Fucking Sequins (InnerShame)

Just Ups & Stay Ups unite!

We have VERY LIMITED discount early bird tickets AVAILABLE NOW!

Shameless Presents Bulls Eye Taurus Party with KMLN!

Friday, April 10th, 2015

KMLN Banner

Are you a Taurus or ally? Tauruses seem to be just about everywhere in and around the Shameless camp. And since we have two Tauruses in the family both celebrating their 30th birthday, we decided to surprise them with one of their favorite out of town acts by doing what we do best. Bringing the people together to dance. This will be an event for fans of the underground…

A Taurus Party
Happy 30th Birthday Annie & Joe!

KMLN (Berlin/LA)

Joe Bellingham

Kadeejah Streets
(Innerflight/Dirty Ice Crew)

(False Prophet, KEXP)

Live visuals by Brandy Gray

KV2 Sound by Starborne

10p-6a – 21+

Presale tickets ware available now! (Tauruses half off – sun sign) and can be picked up IN PERSON by contacting one of the hosts listed on this event. There will be no online presales so make sure to make that connection in advance to secure entry.

SODO Location to be announced day of show by calling 206-999-6931

Interested in vending? Contact us via Shameless Productions.

Want to learn more about KMLN? Read on…

An international force and shapeshifting duo, KMLN (pronounced “Kameleon”) unites Italian
producer/multi-instrumentalist Christopher Tooker and Canadian DJ/fashion designer Shawna Hofmann into a genre defying electronic sound that showcases their pioneering talent and global inspiration. May it be a prime time or sunrise set, they adapt to any surrounding and deliver unexpected genre-bending performances often featuring instrumentalists and dancers on stage, bridging the electronic and live music worlds and creating an unparalleled dance floor experience.

As world travelers and cultural observers, KMLN creates an astonishing trip through time and music, blending elements of deep house/techno and global/future bass, moving through tempos with layers of intricate lush melodies, rolling basslines and organic rhythms. With releases on Crosstown Rebels, Endless, Touch of Class and its own label KMLN records, their music is played by many DJs including Acid Pauli, M.A.N.D.Y, Jamie Jones, Damian Lazarus, Thugfucker and Luca Bacchetti.
Birthed in Berlin in 2011 by Christopher and now ex-partner Alex Moaca, KMLN quickly rose to fame because of its innovative addition of live musicians, which previously wasn’t part of the Berlin electronic scene. Within six months, they played all of Berlin’s world famous clubs
followed by shows in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Sweden, France and Italy throughout 2012.

In 2013, Christopher relocated to Los Angeles and a new evolution of KMLN was born when he joined forces with Shawna Hofmann, a trend-setting architect of the Bay Area and West Coast music/art scene. Drawing from a wide range of influences, the new union of KMLN quickly won crowds over at some of the biggest festivals and clubs in Mexico, West Coast USA, Canada, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan including BPM, Time & Space, Secret Island, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Gathering, Burning Man, Shambhala, Bass Coast, and KMLN’s own world-
traveling party “Electric Safari”.
About Christopher Tooker

Christopher grew up in a very unique environment. His Finnish/American father authored several books on unconditional love, and his mother owns the first fully sustainable bed & breakfast on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Much of his youth was spent traveling with his dad on magnificent journeys worldwide to witness sacred sights throughout England, Ireland, North Africa, France, and 3 coast to coasts in America. At the age of 9, his passion for dance brought him to perform Italian shows as Michael Jackson. As a self-taught musician from the age of 14 with years spent in bands and extensive touring, Christopher was part of two successful Italian bands (Sony BMG – Warner), with several albums and videos that had rotation on MTV and All Music Italy. During 10 years of experimenting with genres and instruments, he created a 7 piece jazz-improv act, was the singer of a stoner rock band, a guitar and bass player in a successful electro-pop group and the drummer of a “Tool” inspired Italian heavy metal band. In 2010, upon moving to Berlin and hearing its innovative electronic soundscape, he immediately became inspired to merge his musical past with the sounds of the future, creating KMLN.

About Shawna Hofmann
Shawna’s passion for music began in early childhood attending the Winnipeg Music Folk festival in Canada, where she was exposed to musical genius from all over the planet, refining her ear for the origins of all types of music. At the age of 16, she hitchhiked throughout Mexico supporting herself with carving found materials and seeds into jewelry. Next came Thailand where she learned to fire dance and tattoo, then India to follow her passion for Vipassana meditation and eventually lived and traveled throughout Europe. Upon her return to America and settling down in the SF/Bay Area, the art of fire dancing, which was still unseen to most, turned her from being an introverted hermit to a sought after performer. Constructing her own costumes lead to her own fashion line that became a vastly trend-setting force in the underground festival scene worldwide. In 1999, she began performing as a DJ brewing eclectic fusions of future/global bass, moombahton, dancehall, cumbia, house, techno, disco, UK funky and tropical. She quickly became a favorite West Coast DJ and for 15 years, has been an inspirational force, cross-pollinating through various West Coast scenes and pioneering the cutting edge.

How KEXP Failed the Wighnomy Brothers

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

How KEXP Failed the Wighnomy Brothers

By Rolo Tamasi

Recently, I volunteered for the Decibel Festival in Seattle. This was my first year as a volunteer and for me it was a bass blowing four day extravaganza that was literally mental. My responsibility was to pick up artists from the airport and get them to their hotel or whatever pit stops they needed. I shared so many amazing experiences with so many inspiring people it was almost too much to compute. From sharing cigarettes with N-Type to getting Tycho to sign a little airport sign for my roommate. There is just one story that stands out among the rest. That is how KEXP failed the Wighnomy Brothers… In all fairness I do enjoy KEXP from time to time. It’s hit or miss mostly. Let me build up the story a tad.
After several trips to SeaTac, I was on my last run of the day to pick up Caspa and MC Rod Azlan. Now I’m not a big fan of dubstep. So I thought it was especially funny that I had to pick up most of the big dubstep artists. To be honest, I had never heard of either of them before this day. At SeaTac, I found them both in the baggage claim and before we even exchanged names Caspa needed a favor, “I need to hit up like a Walmart or Kmart for some cheap clothes.” Really? Out of all the great clothing stores America has to offer you, you need Walmart? Is that what we’re known for? I was like, “Listen man, we don’t really have Walmarts’ here in Seattle. I mean there’s Target (same evil), but its pretty far away. SeaTac Mall is like right…” Cutting me off he says, “I’m not looking to spend a lot of cash. Target will work great if you don’t mind…” I got the vibe I was just a “driver” to him. Rod on the other hand was a great fellow. We had a great conversation while waiting outside of Target about where drum and bass went. Rod then informs me that he is in need of the finer smoke. Being the gentlemen I am, I offered to help. It was that act of kindness that would later put me back in front of the hotel to meet the Wighnomy Brothers. Sometimes being a stoner has its perks.
After getting them to their hotel, I got a call from the boss saying they needed someone to pick up Holger Zilske aka Smash TV. How could I refuse, right? (I have to add that Holger was the most inspiring person I met during the Festival. Amazing musician and producer. It was an awesome detour). A second act of kindness that put me in front of the hotel to meet the Wighnomy Brothers. After getting Holger to the hotel, I raced to score that bag of fun for the MC.
Mission accomplished, the package was acquired and I even scored a parking spot right next to the hotel. After the back alley deal was made. I was walking back to my car when there in front of the hotel was Holger sitting with the Wighnomy Brothers. As I walked by I told Holger how nice it was to meet him. He then invited me to have a cigarette with him. Earlier in the day when I had dropped Holger at the hotel, I overheard the hotel clerk informing him of his sound check at 9:30pm. My acute attention to detail came in handy after I then noticed that it was close to 10:00pm. Both Holger and the Wighnomy Brothers had 9:30pm sound checks. I made a quick call to check on their driver’s status and said, “I don’t know where your ride is but I can get you guys to the venue.” I pretty much had my car in front of the hotel before they could answer. It was unbelievable, the seriously huge vinyl crates of the Wighnomy Brothers were in my trunk. The bros themselves in my car. My only regret was that I had no music in my car, just the radio. So I flicked the dial to 90.3 and was bumping “Shake the Shack”. They were into it.
The radio DJ came in and started listing off all the shows that were going down in the greater Seattle area for the night. I noticed right away that it was not Leon Berman but someone filling in for him. After 5 minutes or so the guest DJ finally gets to Neumos, where the Brothers were playing that night and proceeds to mention off the lineup for the night. “…Lowrez…Noah Pred…Rob Hood…Alex Under… and ah,” then stops for a moment and says, “You’re listening to 90.3 KEXP. Where the music matters…” Laughter ensues. I can only imagine what this guy would think if he knew the very DJ duo he failed to mention, practically headlining Decibel Festival, was tuning in. He probably would have thought, “Wow, I totally failed…”
Minutes later I delivered The Brothers to Neumos. There they killed the dance floor proper.