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Nelson Sullivan

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

An interesting and rare live in action look at the arts and nightlife world in NYC throughout the 80s. Ru Paul, Andy Warhol, Lisa E, James St. James, DJ Keoki, Michael Alig and his Club Kids and many many others were all captured on Nelson Sullivan’s 8mm video camera (he originally started off using one of those large clunky VHS video cameras). Art openings, concerts, trips to Coney Island, renegade parties at McDonalds, and reflective moments watching the sunset all seen through Nelson’s own eyes. He both captures and inspires all around him. Once the camera is on, the fashion, the music, the people all around him come to life. It’s as if the camera does more than simply document the world around him, but also brings out the more ‘over the top’ theatrical side of NYC’s cast of characters. And he does so while also establishing his own character narrating and often cutting back to himself as the videographer. He died on July 4th 1989 of a heart attack. Although if you pay close attention to the end of this video (shot the day before he died), you’ll catch an ominous tone and some subtle statements that might make you question whether or not he knew about his death ahead of time. “It’s July 3rd, and it’s the last day I’m going to have…not to be running.” Regardless, whether the timing of his death was intentional or not, he was certainly immortalized with his films.