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Videos from My Bloody Valentine Is Shameless

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Thanks to all who came to the annual My Bloody Valentine Is Shameless party last Saturday at the Fred Wildlife Refuge! Stay tuned for photos and a complete video documentary of the party, but here are some videos to wet your whistle for now!




A SPECIAL DJ SET FROM MOZAIC [Glimmer of Dope – San Francisco]

Monday, February 7th, 2011

In anticipation to his return to Seattle this weekend. We wanted to feature a Mix from

[Glimmer of Dope – San Francisco]

Shameless had him out to headline the J Phlip After Party at The Monkey Loft last November 2010 along with Recess & The Perfect Cyn. This portion of the recording is all about Mozaic mixing down some fresh tunes for y’all shameless in Seattle!

You can catch Mozaic along with Santiago and Bushido, Kid Hops, 214 & more at the 8th annual “My Bloody Valentine is Shameless” at the Fred Wildlife Refuge, a brand new and totally OVER-THE-TOP arts venue in the middle of Capitol Hill. This year’s event is raising money for the Lifelong AIDS Alliance and features our usual blend of stellar music, outlandish performance art and our always popular pinata-smashing.

VERY LIMITED DISCOUNT PRE-SALE TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!!! Go to our Brown Paper Tickets event ASAP page for more info!

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Shameless & See Sound Lounge put together a simply KILLER evening for all you Dirty Birds out there!


J.PHLIP : SF/Berlin

+ with DJs +

RECESS : Shameless

LEVI CLARK : Shameless

Free before 10pm / $10-$15 after / 21+

@ The See Sound Lounge: 115 Blanchard St.

Following the J.Phlip (Dirtybird, SF/Berlin) show at See Sound Lounge Saturday night (11/20), we’ll be keeping the party going until sunrise with

some very special guests from SF and PDX. We’re not doing an official event invitation for this after party and it’ll be basically word of mouth. Stay tuned… Location to be announced day of show. Of course, some of you may already know where to go once the bars close. 😉

SF, PDX and SEA all coming together for one special night!

Here’s the link to the main event at See Sound Lounge…

Don’t sleep!

:: J.PHLIP ::

J Phlip (pronounced J Flip) known to some as Jessica Phillipe discovered house music in her hometown of Champaign, Illinois, just 2 hours south of Chicago. Sometime around her 19th birthday she got her first DJ rig –

two belt drive turntables and a mixer lacking EQ knobs for $100 bucks! From then on, her poor roomates were forced to listen to a constant dance party in-between her Systems Engineering studies. There aren’t a lot of 4.0 brainiac engineering majors who decide to become DJs instead of cashing in on their degrees but Jessica truly loves the music and has dedicated her life to it.

Her proximity to Chicago’s famous house scene tremendously affected her sound, but the distance afforded her the freedom to incorporate a variety of other influences into her repertoire. Her sets posses a fun, “lets-not-forget-this-is-dance-music,” feeling and simultaneously keep you guessing about what might come next. Her collection spans house, tech house, deep house, techno, booty bass and pretty much anything that make you shake your ass.

She’s currently a well known DJ/Producer in San Francisco. Her skills on the decks and in the studio have secured her highly desirable spot as an official member of the dirtybird crew. She has a residency at San Francisco’s infamous Endup nightclub, which is notorious for its non-stop, never-ending parties.

Jessica continues to have new productions coming out on dirtybird where she has signed on as an exclusive original artist. She is currently Claude VonStroke’s favorite support DJ and has already played at amazing high profile gigs like Fabric, Space Ibiza & Back to Basics. She was also chosen for URB Magazine’s Next 100 of 2009 and recently temporarily returned after a successful extended trip to Berlin. But she won’t be on the West Coast for much longer as Europe is once again calling her name. From there she’ll be making asses shake on the dancefloor and she’s just as excited about it as the day she got her belt drives!

You can listen to her latest mix here:

Shameless Productions. Keeping it weird since 2003.

What will you be for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

>> Hive Mind Halloween 2010: Resurrection <<

  • Relax in Madam G’s Purgatory Parlor (Sinner Saint Productions)
  • Worship in the Chernobyl Chapel, courtesy of Flight to Mars
  • Drink deep at the Unicorn Bar (Space Virgins) and the Anton Bomb
  • Take a dip in the Deep Blue Sea (Cabiri)
  • Wander the Flickering Fire Garden (Knomesthetics)
  • Get sweaty to EQlateral, Splatinum, Kristina Childs, Nommo Ogo, Joe Bellingham, Levi Clark, DJ? Whatever, Menami, Recess, and Michael Manahan
  • Sate the late night munchies with mobile eats from Street Treats and, of course, Philthy Sanchez

Amazing to see so many groups working together for such a good time, neh?

Here’s the only problem: last year, we said we wouldn’t do it again, and we meant it…until so many folks came forward to volunteer to make it keep happening. Now, what if folks who enjoyed it last year don’t know it’s back on? Tell them! Forward this post, say you’re coming on the Hive Mind Halloween Facebook page, heck, go ahead and Twitter it!

Shameless videos at Decibel!!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

I took a few Shameless-related videos around Decibel 2010, which I’m finally able to upload. More to come this weekend…

Here’s video from Adlib & Levi Clark’s epic tag-team set at Chop Suey during the Shameless Showcase at Decibel 2010!

YEEEAH BUDDY! One Year Anniversary!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010


Former Seattle resident Brent Tactic celebrates his first year rocking Kansas City clubland with his wildly popular Yeeeah Buddy residency and blog. Perhaps best known around the Northwest as one half of Tactic, along with Ben Tactic of Portland’s Bubblin’ fame, co-founder of Think 2Wice Records, and ye olde Flea Market days at Chapel, Brent always tenaciously champions an amalgam of styles and genres in the dance, deftly mixing hot underground and contemporary hip-hop with electro, house, techno, and everything else in between.

I cut my teeth with Brent back in the Flea Market days & witnessed first-hand how he can spark a dancefloor and maintain momentum even while bouncing from Baltimore to IDM to a Dabyre track and into a Busta Rhymes classic – all in one fell swoop. DJs can attest to how hard this is, and only few selectors such as Brent Tactic & JD Twitch can bounce genres with ease and heat.

Bookmark the Yeeeah Buddy! blog, where Brent hypes only the hottest tracks around and his recommendations are always on the mark.

Check out this interview with Brent talking about Yeeeah Buddy

Here’s an hour plus long USTREAM recording of a recent set Brent did with g THANG gunk (don’t miss the dancing freaks in the background)!

Congratulations Brent!

Douglas Teike (aka Retic) – Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar

Saturday, August 28th, 2010


It’s a downright gorgeous day down here in Portland visiting with friends and working on projects. Blue sky, a delicate wind blowing through the trees across from my friend’s porch – all providing an amazing visual accompaniment to what I’m listening to right now: Douglas Teike’s beautiful album Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar.

Perhaps best known as Retic (under which he’s made outstanding records and performed inventive & cinematic live PA sets), Doug establishes a mood that gives me the chills. It is not always easy to make music that naturally and effortlessly reaches deep into your soul, but Doug accomplishes this on this record. The mood of Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar is reflective, hopeful, and richly textured with generous flourishes of synth washes and guitar loops, creating a world you want to dive in headfirst. I cannot recommend this enough.

Douglas Teike – Works for Piano and Ambient Guitar

TONIGHT! Shameless Social #2! Lusine! Solvent! Pleasure Boat! Party!

Friday, June 25th, 2010


June 25th from 9pm- LATE late!!
ETG members only.

Bonkers/Pleasure Boat Showcase!!

This month we’re focusing our attention towards the wonderfully quirky world of live electronics. Come early to catch Menami and Naturebot tag on the decks to warm up the floor. From there, live sets ALL night long with artists from the Ghostly International and Pleasure Boat Record labels. Check them out below…


(Ghostly Int’l- Toronto) – Live

Solvent is Jason Amm, a robot music composer, analog synthesizer fetishist, and co-founder of the renowned Suction Records label. Born in Zimbabwe in 1972, Solvent currently resides in a room full of machines in Toronto, Canada. He is touring in support of his new album “Subject To Shift” out May 25th on Ghostly.

Solvent has been releasing his unique brand of synthesizer-pop music since 1997, and is best known for his releases on Morr Music (2001’s “Solvent City”) and Ghostly International (2004’s “Apples & Synthesizers”, 2005’s “Elevators & Oscillators”). Solvent has created his own unique version of electro-pop: too elegent and sincere for the electroclash set, too complex and contemporary to sound like it was recorded in 1981, and too seeped in the time-honoured traditions of melody, songwriting and hands-on synthesis to be lost in the overcrowded world of IDM. Along with some notable remixes including Soft Cell, Alter Ego, and Adult., Solvent has also contributed standout tracks to several influential electronica compilations in recent years, including “Putting The Morr Back In Morrissey” (Morr Music), “Disco Nouveau” (Ghostly International), and “Misery Loves Company” (Ersatz Audio). His songs have also been licensed to several high-profiles DJ mix CDs, including Sven Vath’s “Sound of the 5th Season” (Cocoon), Dr. Lektroluv’s “Lektroluv 5” (541), and Death in Vegas’ “Fabric Live 23” (Fabric London). Today, Solvent is widely regarded in the underground electronica community as being the forefront of electro-pop’s return to form.

UK magazine The Wire recently described Solvent as part of a new generation of composers “gleefully blurring the lines” between modern techno and vintage techno-pop. Solvent currently records exclusively for Ghostly International, and has been touring extensively since 2004, having shared the stage with Adult., Legowelt, Bola, Junior Boys, Matthew Dear, Lusine, Lowfish, and more.

Lusine (Ghostly Int’l- Seattle) – Live

Jeff McIlwain has been producing his visceral, melodic strain of abstract electronic music as Lusine for 10 years now. Originally a Texas native, Jeff attended CalArts in 1998, studying 20th-century electronic music and sound design for music and film. Soon after, he met Shad Scott and put out his self-titled debut as Lusine for Isophlux. Since then, McIlwain relocated to Seattle and began steadily releasing his music on Ghostly International. As Lusine, Jeff is one of Seattle’s most revered and internationally respected producers.
McIlwain has performed throughout the US and abroad, including a set at London’s esteemed Fabric nightclub, and an ambient multimedia performance at Seattle’s Triple Door in which he collaborated with video artist Scott Sunn. McIlwain has recently been involved in two film projects, co-scoring David Gordon Green’s 2008 film Snow Angels (with Kate Beckinsale and Sam Rockwell), and scoring Kevin Bray’s 2009 film Linewatch (with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Omari Hardwick).

McIlwain’s 2009 release, A Certain Distance, has gone on to become his best reviewed and best selling album to date. In addition, 2009 has brought Lusine several high profile festival performances, including DEMF, MUTEK, Sonar and the Decibel Festival.

Relcad (Album release party; Pleasure Boat Records) – Live

Relcad is a world-class and heavily-trained experimental house/techno musician that conjures up wild soundscapes and stunning atmospheres that combine the pulse of house music, the detail-centered tweaks of micro-dub, and the relentless energy of techno. Last year he released a track on Peloton Musique alongside a smattering of internationally-respected artists, of which Dave Segal of The Stranger stated the his “piece damn near stole the show, even from esteemed figures like Markus Nikolai, Jeff Samuel, Lusine, and Twerk.”
Live PAs in the past have seen Relcad building unrelenting and momentous energy over a heavy bedrock of unclassifiable sounds and heavy bass. A Seattle artist who plays out infrequently, Relcad is one of the most remarkable and hidden gems in a city full of them. Relcad will be celebrating the release of his phenomenal new full-length Capital Island on Pleasure Boat Records, which will be available at the show and released nationwide the following month.

Potatofinger (Pleasure Boat Records) – Live

World-class sound mangler and beat mathematician Eli Hetrick, aka PotatoFinger, is an amazingly deft musician that has such a singular, unique, and developed sound that you’ll swear you’ve never heard him before. Thick grimey bass, breakbeats cut to shreds, and details that take months to lay down.
Self-described as “polymorphic beat structures juggling/phasing/interspersing with atmospheric melodic concoctions”, Potatofinger has been blazing around the music charts of KEXP for the last year and has been receiving nationwide airplay as of recent. Expect to hear much more in the future from him.

Ya No Mas (Pleasure Boat Records) – Live

“Hello ETG / ALC members allow me to introduce myself- My daylight persona’s name is Aurelio but within the midst of the subversive twilight hours I am become YaNoMAs; I believe that YNM is the living metaphor of a restless angst that compliments to a breaking-out of a missunderstood culture based psyche. What I envision for my ETG set is of a sound that is temporal, brooding, bubbling and deeply intertwined with continuous complexities and variations of rapid fired low-subcycles; perfect enough to loosen the plexus and revert us back to the primordial state of future contentiousness’s. My influences are my labelmates on Pleasure Boat Records and other committed Seattle artisan staples looking to create their own niche within the fabric of sound.”

The Algebra of Need (Pleasure Boat Records) – Live

Lydia, aka The Algebra of Need, is an eccentric genius in her craft- the manipulation of live tonal clusters and tension used to build fugues of the future and meditations on hidden corners of the world. Some of the most haunting and brazenly bizarre music happening in Seattle, The Algebra of Need’s music is still kept in balance by the alternating beauty and extreme sound manipulation present in her work. David Segal of The Stranger stated “the Algebra of Need is a maverick on the level of Aphex Twin and Raymond Scott.” With almost no internet presence or scene involvement there’s nothing that can be expected of her next performance.

Heads will be turned (360 degrees).

Mr. Zillion (Eccentric Bliss/Pleasure Boat Records) – Live

A concert violist and professional sound designer turned dance maverick, Mr. Zillion is a masterful producer (you may also know him by his breakbeat/ravecore persona Rave On It). His braindance and tech-house concoctions recall the slickness of Detroit techno and extend melodic funk energy to the horizons.

Menami (Shameless) vs Naturebot (Pleasure Boat Records) – DJ set

Shameless Social this Friday! Featured artist: 214!

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

SHAMELESS SOCIAL is this Friday night at Electric Tea Garden! The inaugural edition features a rich array of talent from around the Northwest, headlined in part by:

214 live (Touchin’ Bass, Pyramid Transmissions)

To sit at a table set with the sounds of 214 (TwoFourteen) is to be served hungry-man portions of honey-buttered electro beats, side dishes of synth-line treats, and dollops of IDM-get-down. Like most musicians, Chris Roman’s path is rooted in a veritable melting pot of sounds. Some of the influences are obvious. Others not so much so.
His Puerto Rican birthright and Miami upbringing ring apparent when he’s pumping out sci-fi roller disco sounds, but when his vibe turns to the cold dark comfort of Detroit-esque minimal mind funk, it would seem this man forgets from whence he came. It’s a memory lapse that sounds like a lapdance in the side room of a space ship. More importantly, it’s a memory lapse that works. It’s not so much a lapse then as a love of diversity, a creative finesse with a variety of good tastes.

214 effortlessly blends lush Latin roots with robo-transformer trips, always maintaining a skillful balance between the nasty, the not-right, the cold, hard, and just-right – all at the same time. He’s got plenty of tricks up his proverbial record sleeve. And he’s been pulling them out for years now.

Wherever you can find it, count on 214 for premium blend electro and assorted savory flavors from the future.



Ben Tactic (Dress 2 Sweat, Think 2wice, PDX)

Scratchmaster Joe

File Jerks

Rolo Tamasi

Verse & Barbarella

Electric Tea Garden
21+ 9pm to Late

J.Phlip @ Electric Tea Garden this Saturday w/Shameless!

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

On Saturday May 22nd, Seattle is in for one more Dirtybird treat! J Phlip!!

She’ll be returning to Seattle one last time before she flies off to Berlin for awhile (and so the story goes…the West Coast loses another one of our finest to the clutches of Germany!). For those of you that caught her at the Decibel boat party, My Bloody Valentine is Shameless or the afterhours, you know she’s the real deal and delivers some of most fun tech house booty shakin’ business out there! Claude VonStroke wrote a note and says it best…

(Letter from Claude VonStroke)
“It is not that often that i get to hear someone play who i think is amazing. It is even more rare for me to hear a person that understands what the real “dirtybird” sound is all about. Jessica (J Phlip) is one of those rare gifted DJs who I love to listen to. I can fully attest to her skills on the decks as I have travelled on tour with her from the UK to Spain to Germany and beyond. I promise she can hold her own with anyone I have ever heard play on any stage. If you are thinking about booking someone fresh from dirtybird I really think this is the DJ who can deliver the goods as they were meant to be delivered. Straight from San Francisco with dirty basslines, bootylicious funk, and cute as hell – J. Phlip is the total package. She is moving to Europe for the summer, so this is a chance to hear someone really cool from the original San Francisco dirtybird crew who doesn’t sound like everyone else.”
– Claude VonStroke

We had a chance to catch up with J.Phlip this week about her upcoming European visit – here’s what she had to say:

“Well I’m planting my home base… or maybe we should call it “HOME BASSSS!!!!” lol … in Berlin from June to October. This is going to allow me to infiltrate the European market with some J.Phlip and all things Dirtybird! Although I wont be touring quite as much as I do over here, the gigs that I do have are mostly all “staple” parties and clubs in Europe. So the gigs should be dope and that will also leave me wayyyyy more time to write music… more originals and remixes!”

If you’re planning to be in Europe this summer and/or want to keep tabs on what J.Phlip is up to during her European adventure, visit her MySpace often. Expect to see her perform at Watergate in Berlin and Fabric in London! Also, she adds that “the Red Bull Music Academy has a sick studio space in London and they have invited me and Worthy to spend a few days playing around on their gear and making some tunes there” Lucky!

Here’s a new bangin’ original track from J.Phlip!

Here’s a preview of the type of tracks J.Phlip brings to the decks:
J.Phlip – TICK TICK BOOM mix

Come join Shameless this Saturday as we party and bid farewell to J.Phlip!

Lots of love and support from the Shameless crew…

Levi Clark

Saturday May 22nd: 9pm-late
Electric Tea Garden